This is a record of using the KONICA L(L39Screw)-HEXANON 35mm/F2, a wide lens for the Leica L, with a film and digital camera.

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Photo example by LEICA M8 / HEXAR-RF

In the old days, however, a lens of this type sold well if 1,000 units were sold, and new lenses were sold at camera stores for quite a long time even if they were labeled as limited editions.
The one I purchased myself was almost brand new, with box and all accessories.
According to the record, I bought it in 2005, probably at the list price.
Nowadays, when it occasionally appears on the used market, it costs about 200,000(Japanese yen) if it is in good condition.
The silver exterior of the lens matched well with the silver chrome body, and I used it for a long time with the EPSON R-D1, LEICA M8, and HEXAR-RF, but sold it when I bought one of the lenses.
It seems that it was also used with FUJIFILM’s extreme color film, FORTIA 50, and the first three shots in the gallery are the result of that shooting, and it is a little disappointing that the NIKON COOLSCAN V’s sober scan results do not give much of a FORTIA 50 feel.
I think reversal film is best viewed in a lightbox or on a slide.
The lens has a solid rendering from the widest aperture, and the aperture clicks well and is easy to operate.

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Limited edition of 1,000 lenses.
The minimum focusing distance of 0.9m is a disappointment. The black UC version, which has the same lens construction but a smaller barrel, has improved the minimum focusing distance to 0.7m.

focal length(mm)35
Maximum aperture2
Minimum aperture161/2 step
Lens configuration6groups 7elements
Minimum distance(m)0.9
Lens length(mm)28.5Distance from mount flange
Lens max diameter(mm)54
Filter diameter(mm)46
List price(Yen)78,000


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