Macro Elmarit 2.8/60

This is a record of using the Macro-Elmarit 60mm F2.8 macro lens for Leica R with a digital camera.

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Leica’s macro lenses are generally excellent, and four have been released: 65mm in the Visoflex era, 60mm for this lens, and two types of 100mm (Elmar/Apo-Elmarit) for medium telephoto macro.
The M series of rangefinder cameras, the main street of Leica cameras, are not good at macro photography, so the Leica-R, which is a single-lens reflex camera, is thought to have been designed to cover macro photography.
The lens I have on hand produces soft and stable images from the open aperture, and both the front and rear blur are straightforward and blur gradually.
Since it is better to use a macro lens with manual focusing than an AF lens, it is better to use a lens that has a solid MF lens advance.
The helicoid of the lens I own is a little heavy, but it rotates smoothly and feels pleasantly different from the MF feel of recent AF lenses, making it useful for close-up photography.

I once owned a later model with ROM that no longer had a hood, but I sold it because I didn’t like the description.
I now own a 3CAM early model with a separate hood. The early model is recommended as an entry-level macro lens, especially because of its low used price.
The optional hood is elaborately made with a rotary screw for a PL filter like the old hoods of the Elmarit 24, Summicorn 35, and 50 lenses.
The hood is short and shallow, but when attached, the lens looks more intimidating, and a Series 7 filter can be placed inside the hood.
It is said that the lens composition and performance did not change between the earlier and later lenses.

The lens image circle is wide, and the 35mm version uses the center of it, which means that only the best part of the image is used; when used on the HASSELBLAD X2D’s 44mm x 33mm sensor, the 3:2 crop produces 100% usable images. The original 4:3 version shows a little attenuation in the periphery.

Close-up ring /3CAM general-purpose, 14256
Close-up ring /with ROM terminal, 14299

Lens specification
The Macro-elmarit 60mm has a maximum magnification of 1:2 (0.27 m), which is considered half-macro, and a close-up ring must be used to obtain an equal magnification (1:1). There are several types of close-up rings: dedicated for Macro-elmarit/Elmar, general-purpose for 3CAM, and general-purpose with ROM terminal.

focal length(mm)60
Maximum aperture2.8
Minimum aperture22
Lens configuration5groups 6elements
Minimum distance(m)0.27
Lens length(mm)62.3
Lens max diameter(mm)67.5
Filter diameter(mm)Early type = Series 7, Late type = 55 mm

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