Ms-optics APORIS 2.4/135

Review of using the APORIS 135mm F2.4(MS-Optics)

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APORIS 135mm F2.4 Photo example (LEICA SL / HASSELBLAD X2D)

This is the longest focal length of Miyazaki’s lenses. The slim lens barrel is beautifully designed with no waste. The lens is mounted on a LEICA M mount, but was released as a lens for mirrorless cameras that is not linked to the rangefinder.
A version with an interlinked rangefinder was also planned, but it was shelved because the accuracy of the M-type viewfinder did not allow the lens to focus precisely when the lens was open. A T-mount version of this lens was also released, which was intended for use with SLR cameras with long flange backs.
There is no problem with focusing with the EVF of a mirrorless camera, and as the APO name implies, there is very little color bleeding when viewed through the EVF, resulting in a very good viewing experience.
When used with the HASSELBLAD X2D, it covers about 92% of the 44 x33 mm sensor in the horizontal direction, so there is little room for error.
Leica M-mount 135mm lenses are inexpensive to trade with the exception of the Apotherito-M 135mm, and this lens, which was over 100,000 at the time of its release, did not sell very well and was often seen on the market. Nevertheless, as of 2023, this lens can no longer be found on the market, and the small number of this lens manufactured is considered to be valuable.



This is the first 135mm focal length, slim medium telephoto lens from MS-Optics (Miyazaki Kogaku).
The mount part is compatible with the Leica M mount, but is not linked to the rangefinder.
The lens type chosen is the Ernostar type, which is often used in mid-telephoto lenses for easy brightness. This lens has abundant aberration correction functions mounted on the lens barrel, including SA (spherical aberration) correction mechanisms for the Vario-Petz and Vario-Plasma lenses, a coma aberration correction mechanism for the SONNETAR 50mm / SONNERTAR 73mm, and a Miyazaki lens variable mechanism fully equipped on the body. This was made possible by the generous barrel size of this lens.

Focal length(mm)135
Max aperture2.4
Min aperture16
Lens Construction5elements 4groupErnostar type
Min distance(m)1.0Not linked to camera rangefinder
Max diameter(mm)60
Filter size(mm)58Install in reverse order of normal

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