TELYT-R 4.8 / 350

This is a record of using the Tele-photo lens for LEICA TELYT-R 350mm F4.8, with a digital camera.

The minimum focusing distance is 3m, which is not very close, but this is a typical specification for a telephoto lens.
The focus ring is wide and easy to turn, and the aperture is attached to the lens, so it is well made and does not rotate unintentionally.
The lens weighs a little less than 2 kg, but it does not feel that heavy, perhaps because it is long and thin. The lens length is a little less than 30 cm, so it is difficult to fit it in a hand-held camera bag when a camera is attached.
The hood is a pull-out type, and the length of the hood is long enough to be reassuring outdoors.
The image circle of all Leica telephoto lenses is wide, and this lens covers the 44 x 33 mm sensor of the X1DII, so there is no vignetting at the four corners. However, it is more resistant to camera shake than a mechanical shutter.
The EOS-1DsMKIII can of course be used without any problem, but the risk of camera shake is great due to the shutter mechanism of SLRs because of the long focal length of 350mm. I envy cameras with in-body image stabilization systems these days.
The barrel shape is a neat form that can be seen in the later Leica R lenses, and there is a slightly shorter focal length Telyt-R 250mm with the same shape as this lens.
This lens is sometimes seen in the market, but the price varies considerably. The one I own was purchased for several tens of thousands of yen with a small fogging. The lens is probably in good condition, but I have seen expensive ones priced at around 150,000 yen.
There seem to be two types of lenses, one made in Germany (ELW) and the other made in Canada (ELC), but I have only seen German-made lenses (ELW).
The x2 APO-EXTENDER and x2-EXTENDER can be used with the 700mm F11 lens.
From the position of the rear element, the x1.4 APO-EXTENDER may also be used, but this is unknown as it has not been tested on a real lens.

The Telyt-R 350mm is a relatively new telephoto lens released in 1980. According to information on the international Leica-Forum wiki, 2,650 were made by 1993.

focal length(mm)350
Maximum aperture4.8
Minimum aperture22
Lens configuration5groups 7elements
Leaf blade
Minimum distance(m)3.0
Lens length(mm)286Distance from mount flange
Lens max diameter(mm)83.5
Filter diameter(mm)77
Release Year1980Product end 1993

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