This is a record of using the LEICA MACRO ELMAR 100mm F4 R with a digital camera.

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Sample photos by HASSELBALD X2D(mirrorless digital camera)

There are two Leica 100mm macro lenses: the famous APO-MACRO-ELMARIT (AME) 100mm and this MACRO ELMAR 100mm. When considering which of these to choose, most people would normally select the AME. However, the MACRO ELMAR also has some advantages. The AME has a magnification ratio of 1:2, while the ME100 can get as close as 1:1.75. The lens is also compact, weighing 760g for the AME and 540g for the ME100, about 30% lighter. The ME100 can be used with the APO-EXTENDER x1.4, which gives a focal length of 140mm and a minimum focusing distance of the same, allowing for more close-up shots.
The lens does not have APO for color correction, so false colors may appear on the periphery of the subject. Backlight resistance is not so good, and when the sun is in the picture, the contrast is reduced.

I had purchased a 3CAM version of the MACRO ELMAR100, used it for a short time, and sold it, but in 2023 I found a ROM version with 3CAM modification and purchased it again.
In the second-hand market, I often find beautiful items in good condition, not so much used ones. Prices start at around 50,000 yen before 3CAM, so it is an easy lens to obtain.

When used with the HASSELBLAD X2D (and the FUJIFILM GFX series as well), the large image circle can be confirmed. All samples were taken with the X2D, but there is almost no vignetting even in photos with the sky.

Macro ring:3CAM・14256
Macro ring:ROM・14299

The Macro-Elma 100mm is classified as half-macro with a maximum magnification of 1:175 (0.6 m) and requires the use of a close-up ring to obtain an equal magnification (1:1). There are several types of close-up rings, including Macro-elmarit/Elmar-specific, 3CAM general-purpose, and general-purpose with ROM terminal.
This lens is released in 1/2/3CAM, R-CAM/ROM-CAM is not manufactured, and ROM-CAM is a modification of the old cam. The lens owned is a 3CAM converted to a ROM-CAM.

focal length(mm)100
Maximum aperture4
Minimum aperture22
Leaf blade8
Lens configuration4elements 3groups
Minimum distance(m)0.6
Lens length(mm)120
Lens max diameter(mm)67.5
Filter diameter(mm)55

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