Review and Photo example of the HASSELBLAD HC 100mm F2.2.

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Hasselblad HC 100mm F2.2 is a large aperture medium telephoto lens for Hasselblad H series cameras.
Since it is an HC series lens, when used with a medium format camera HxD, it covers sensor sizes up to 40.2 x 53.7mm, and the focal length is approximately 67mm.

The lens construction is a simple planar type with 6 elements in 5 groups, and a large lens diameter of 87.5mm, which I feel is a design concept that covers up the negative aspects of planar lenses. Basically, by increasing the aperture, distortion will be reduced without the need for extensive lens correction, and the angle of incidence of light on the sensor will also be kept shallow.

X1D, X1DII, 907X, and X2D can use this lens via X H Lens Adapter* or XH CONVERTER 0.8*, and can also use x1.7 teleconverter. Close-up photography is also possible using three types of EXTENSION TUBES H (13mm/26mm/52mm), and examples using the 26mm extension tube H26 are posted in the gallery.

When using X H Lens Adapter*, focal length approximately 80mm maximum aperture F2.2

When using XH CONVERTER 0.8*, focal length 64mm maximum aperture F1.8

When using X H Lens Adapter* and x1.7 teleconverter, focal length 170mm maximum aperture F3.5

I purchased it after confirming that it had an orange dot, so I knew that autofocus (hereinafter referred to as AF) could be used with the X H Lens Adapter* and XH CONVERTER 0.8*. When I checked the lens information on the X1DII immediately after purchasing, I found that the firmware was 18.0.0 and the number of shutters was approximately 8000. I updated the firmware to 19.1.0 to use AF.

The AF speed is about the same as other AF-enabled lenses, and the AF focusing speed is not fast. AF can be difficult to use, especially in locations where there is not much difference in contrast.
It also has sufficient backlight resistance, so there are almost no problems when using it outdoors without a hood. The lens alone weighs 780g, and the weight of the converter and camera is about 1.5kg, making it one of the lightest HC lenses.

This lens focuses by moving a large, heavy front element, and you can see lenses with broken AF motors on the used market, so overusing the AF motor is dangerous, so you’ll be happy if you think of AF as a bonus.
For subjects with little difference in contrast, or when AF cannot be determined in one go, I think it is better to switch to manual focus (MF) to avoid damaging the lens. It is unclear whether frequent use of interrupt MF puts a lot of stress on the lens motor, but it would be nice if the lens motor and focus ring clutch were instantly disengaged when the MF interrupt occurred. If not, there may be a negative effect on the motor.

Fortunately, the focus ring is wide and easy to use when using MF.
I’m concerned that when I turn the focus ring, it feels rough when I go past infinity, but I think it’s a rough indication that it’s past infinity.
Also, since I changed the body to X2D, I feel that the AF has become less confusing. Due to the weight of the drive motor and focus adjustment lens, focusing speed won’t increase much, but it’s nice to see an improvement in focusing accuracy.

If you use XH CONVERTER 0.8* with a fast lens, it may become even brighter, so it is worth actively choosing a new lens with an orange dot and a shutter speed of 1/2000.


focal length(mm)100
Maximum aperture2.2
Minimum aperture32
Lens configuration5groups 6elementsGauss type
Minimum distance(m)0.9
Lens length(mm)80.5
Lens max diameter(mm)87.5
Filter diameter(mm)77
HC 100mm lens specification

Accessory compatibility

  • Converter H 1.7x (x1.7 teleconverter) can be used.
  • Extension-Tube-H (H13/H26/H52) can be used.
  • HTS 1,5 TILT AND SHIFT ADAPTER can be used.
  • Image circle covers up to medium format film size.

AF support

In order to mount an HC/HCD series lens on the X1D, X1DII, X2D, or 907X via a mount adapter (X H Lens Adapter, XH CONVERTER 0.8) and operate the autofocus (AF), a lens with an expanded lens firmware area of ​​18.0.0 or later is required.

Even if you apply firmware 18.0.0 or later to a lens before 17.0.0, the change cannot be made due to insufficient write area.

Lenses with an orange mark on the lens, commonly known as an orange dot, have lens firmware 18.0.0 or later and are 100% AF compatible.

However, there are also lenses without an orange dot that are AF compatible, and many lenses manufactured after 2010 with a lens serial number starting with V have an expanded firmware area and are likely to be AF compatible.

Lenses with a serial number starting with S are lenses manufactured in the 2000s and have firmware 17.0.0 or earlier without an orange dot.

There are exceptions to the above, and new firmware may be installed when the focus unit is replaced during lens repair.

The best way to determine whether AF is available on Hasselblad X-series lenses is not just to look at the serial number, but to check the actual lens firmware when you attach it to your camera.

All Fujinon-branded H lenses have old firmware and do not support AF.

About FUJINON lens

There are HC lenses from the Fujifilm brand SUPER EBC FUJINON that can be used with the HASSELBLAD HC camera, but only lenses with a maximum shutter speed of 1/800. Compared to the latest maximum shutter speed of 1/2000, the range of expression is narrower. Also, because the lens firmware is old, it is not possible to apply HC lens firmware 19.1.0, which is required to use autofocus (AF) on XCD mount cameras X1D, X1DII, 907X, and X2D.

Therefore, AF cannot be used even if it is attached to an XCD mount camera via two types of mount adapters, X H Lens Adapter, and XH CONVERTER 0.8.

Fuji Film brand HC lenses are not covered by Hasselblad’s repair support, and since Fuji Film no longer provides repair support, there is nothing that can be done in the event of a breakdown. Fuji Film brand H lenses are sold cheaply, but you need to be aware of this when purchasing.

If it is a Hasselblad brand HC lens, even old lenses can be repaired at Hasselblad for a fee.

Since HC lenses are manufactured by Fujifilm, a mount adapter (H MOUNT ADAPTER G) is also available for the Fujifilm GFX series, which has the same sensor size as the X1D, X1DII, 907X, and X2D. This is for MF (manual focus) only, but you can use not only the camera’s mechanical shutter but also the lens shutter.

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