HASSELBLAD Converter H 1.7x

Review and Photo example of the Converter H 1.7X.

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Converter H 1.7X makes the maximum aperture of attachable H series lenses 1.5 stops darker, but increases the focal length by 1.7 times. The shortest shooting distance of the original lens can be utilized as is, without compromising the lens and its optical performance. When I compared images taken with several lenses with and without teleconversion, there was no clear impression that the image quality deteriorated.

Lenses that can use a teleconverter are HC lenses with a focal length of 50mm or more; HCD lenses, HC35mm and HC50-100mm, cannot be physically attached.
Can be used with X1D, X1DII, 907X, and X2D via X H Lens Adapter and XH CONVERTER 0.8.

In the case of the HC300mm lens, which is most often used in combination with a teleconverter, the lens (2120g) + teleconverter (465g) + XH-Adapter (180g) + X2D (800g) weighs approximately 3.5kg, making it a fairly heavy system.


focal length(mm)x1.7
Maximum aperture1.5 steps darker
Minimum aperture1.5 steps darker
Lens configuration4groups 6elements
Minimum distance(m)same the original lens
Lens length(mm)56
Lens max diameter(mm)85
Hasselblad Converter H 1.7X specification PDF
  • List the converted focal length, maximum aperture and AF compatibility when used with the X series via X H Lens Adapter and XH CONVERTER 0.8.
Lens nameOriginal lens maximum apertureConverter H1.7x
Applicable focal length
Actual focal length
maximum aperture
Actual focal length
maximum aperture
Lens FW19.1.0
Camera FW3.1.0
HCD 24mm4.8Can not use
HCD 28mm4Can not use
HC 35mm3.5Can not use
HCD 35-90mm4.0-5.6Can not use
HC 50-110mm3.5-4.5Can not use
HC 50mm-23.585mm68mm5.654mm4
HC 80mm2.8136mm109mm4.587mm3.5
HC 100mm2.2170mm136mm3.5109mm2.8
HC 120mm Macro I/II4204mm163mm6.3130mm4.5×
HC 150mm3.2255mm204mm5163mm4
HC 210mm4357m286mm6.3229mm4.5
HC 300mm4.5510mm408mm7326mm6.3×

AF support when using teleconverter

AF works with X1D/X1DII/X907 when the lens is equipped with extended firmware.
I tested with the HC 3.5/50(II) to see if the teleconverter would work when using the XH CONVERTER 0.8* through it, and it worked fine.
Since I felt there was little point in using the teleconverter for 1.7x and the wide converter for 0.8x, I didn’t do any more in-depth testing than to confirm operation.
Other limitations are the same as when the teleconverter is not used.

FUJINON lens when using teleconverter

When using this teleconverter with the X1D/X1DII/907X, there are no limitations except for the fact that AF cannot be used when using it via the X H Lens Adapter.
When using it via XH CONVERTER 0.8, the problem of not being able to use HC Macro 120mm of older model (lens firmware before 17.0.0.) remains.

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