Review and Photo example of the APO MACRO ELMARIT TL 60mm F2.8.

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  • Sample photo taken with the LEICA T typ701.


The only macro lens for Leica T, TL, and APS-C cameras. However, there are only seven lenses for Leica APS-C cameras.

This lens looks like the SUMMILUX-TL 35mm and has a fat body, but when you actually hold it, it has an aluminum barrel and a small diameter lens for APS-C, making it weigh 320g, which is 100g lighter than the SUMMILUX-TL 35mm.
The result is a lens that is typical of Leica macro, with soft bokeh in close-up shots and clear depictions in distant scenes.

When I used it with the LEICA T, the autofocus (AF) speed was the slowest among the seven TL lenses, and the focusing accuracy was also poor. Focusing accuracy is particularly difficult during close-up photography, where macro lenses are useful, and once the focus is removed, the lens has to move a long distance, so it takes time to go back and forth and return to the correct focus position, and it is difficult to focus on the first time. It’s very frustrating to not be able to stop even though I know visually that the subject is in focus, and I end up having no choice but to use manual focus (hereinafter referred to as MF). I’m on the verge of giving up.

When taking pictures using the rear LCD of the LEICA T, it is very difficult to determine the focus position using the normal display on the rear LCD, so it is necessary to enlarge the display and check the focus. For this reason, it was difficult to use this lens for anything other than stationary subjects, and it was frustrating to use. When using MF, I think a single-lens camera like the LEICA SL, which is equipped with a high-definition EVF that allows you to recognize the focus without magnification, is better.

Lens appearance is quoted from Leica official website


focal length(mm)60
Maximum aperture2.8
Minimum aperture32
Lens configuration9groups 10elements
Leaf blade?
Minimum distance(m)0.16
Lens length(mm)134Distance from mount flange
Lens max diameter(mm)89
Filter diameter(mm)E60
Release YearSeptember 24, 2016

Leica APS single focal length lens

Focal length(mm)18273560
35mm equivalent focal length27355090
Max aperture2.821.42.8
Min aperture16161632
Lens Construction8elements 6groups9elements 6groups12elements 8groups10elements 9groups
Min distance(m)0.30.350.40.16
Lens length(mm)213777134
Lens diameter(mm)62637070
Filter Size(mm)E39E52E60E60
Release date2017.122014.5.262016.3.312016.9.24
List Price¥142,500¥230,000¥310,000¥320,000

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