This is a record of using the APO MACRO ELMARIT-TL 2.8 / 60 with a Leica T digital camera.

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LEICA APO MACRO ELMARIT-TL 2.8 / 60 Photo Example by LEICA T

The only macro lens in the Leica APS-C line. However, there are only seven lenses in the Leica APS-C line.
This lens looks like the SUMMILUX-TL 35mm and has a fat body, but when you actually hold it, it weighs 320g, 100g lighter than the SUMMILUX-TL 35mm due to the aluminum lens barrel and small diameter lens for APS-C.
My impression when using the LEICA T is that the autofocus speed is the slowest among the seven TL lenses, and the focusing accuracy is not good.
In particular, the macro lens has trouble focusing when shooting close-up, where it is most effective. If the lens is out of focus, it takes a long time to return to the focus position because of the large distance the lens has to travel, and if a subject is out of focus the first time, it is unlikely to be in focus the second time.
However, using the LEICA T’s back LCD to make subtle manual focus adjustments is difficult with anything other than a stationary object, making this lens slightly stressful.
For manual focus use, a single-lens type camera equipped with a high-resolution EVF like the LEICA SL is recommended.
As mentioned above, there are some autofocus-related difficulties, but it is a fun lens to shoot with its combination of soft bokeh in close-up and clear rendering in the distance.

A medium telephoto macro lens with a focal length of 90mm (35mm version equivalent).

focal length(mm)60
Maximum aperture2.8
Minimum aperture32
Lens configuration9groups 10elements
Leaf blade?
Minimum distance(m)0.16
Lens length(mm)134Distance from mount flange
Lens max diameter(mm)89
Filter diameter(mm)E60
Release YearSeptember 24, 2016

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