This is a record of using the APO-VARIO-ELAMR-TL 55-135 zoom lens with a Leica T digital camera.

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LEICA APO-VARIO-ELAMR-TL 55-135 Photo Example by LEICA T


The longest focal length lens in the Leica APS-C line.
The f/3.5 at the wide-angle end (55mm) is barely acceptable, but the f/4.5 at the telephoto end (135mm) is so dark that the lens suffered from camera shake when using slow shutter speeds.
When I took it out to photograph the autumn leaves at Kuhoyama Shrine in Kyoto, Japan, I had to fight against camera shake and subject blur when shooting in the dark and at night.
Especially with the Leica T, which is not equipped with an EVF, I had to shoot while looking at the rear LCD, so there was a high possibility of producing blurred pictures if I only held the camera with my arms. In addition, although the results looked fine on the rear LCD, when viewed on a PC monitor, some of the photos were weak and blurry.
An APS-C body with in-body image stabilization is desirable, but the TL series itself has already been discontinued, so the future outlook is bleak.
Although there are some problems with the camera body, the AF speed was slow and the focusing accuracy was not that good when used with the LEICA T. The APO-MACROSS lens is a good choice for the LEICA T, but it is not the best lens for the TL series. I think this lens was a good match for the APO-MACRO ELMARIT 60mm.
My personal experience of AF speed is as follows
The APO-VARIO-ELAMR-TL 55-135 is a zoom lens with good resolution, and the 135mm lens can produce a reasonable amount of bokeh.
The APO lens is well known as an APO lens, and I think it is worth the price, for example, because of its low false coloration of leaves and other objects.
This is a large aperture standard lens for TL. It is rumored to be made in Japan by KM, a company that has already withdrawn from consumer cameras.


This zoom lens covers a focal length range of 80mm-200mm on a 35mm film equivalent.
The lens is shortest at 55mm at the wide-angle end, and extends about 43mm at 135mm at the telephoto end.

focal length(mm)55-135
Maximum aperture3.5-4.5
Minimum aperture16
Lens configuration10groups 12elements
Leaf blade?
Minimum distance(m)1.0
Lens length(mm)110〜153Distance from mount flange
Lens max diameter(mm)68
Filter diameter(mm)E60
Release YearMarch 1.2015

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