A review and photo examples of the Canon compact digital camera IXY 30S.

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The Canon IXY 30S is a compact digital camera made by Canon that was released in May 2010.

It is equipped with a 10 megapixel 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor and a zoom lens equivalent to 28-105mm in 35mm format.

The camera’s startup time and shutter response are good, and the lens pops out when you press the power button, which is a standard Canon style.

The AF performance is not that good, and the rear LCD has 230,000 dots, so even if it looks like the focus is correct, it is difficult to tell if it is out of focus or if it is camera shake. It is quite common to be disappointed when viewing the image on a PC, especially in dark scenes. Also, the F-number at the telephoto end is about 5.3, so you need to be careful about camera shake. It has a lens-shift type image stabilization IS, but it is not very effective. You need to hold the camera firmly to prevent it from shaking.

This camera can only record JPG, but depending on the shooting distance, there are quite a few images with noticeable barrel distortion. It seems that cameras from the 2010s do not actively process recorded images.

The white balance and color reproduction are good, and even in auto mode, images are recorded that are satisfactory.

The top of the camera has a slide switch to switch between video and photo, a power switch, a zoom lever, and a shutter button, while the back of the camera has buttons for image playback, menus, and functions, and a select dial, and basic operations can be performed with the buttons and dials. Functions are assigned to the four directions of the dial, and since the functions are displayed on the LCD screen when the power is turned on, there is no printed information on the surface of the body. The following functions are assigned to the dial.

  • Top: Exposure compensation
  • Bottom: Display change
  • Right: Flash settings
  • Left: Shooting mode (macro, landscape)

The IXY, which was released around 2010, seems to have been unsure of its design, and several body patterns can be seen.

This camera has a strongly rounded front, and the surrounding area has surfaces cut at short distances, creating an organic form connected by curved surfaces. This design disappeared after two minor changes. Although not exactly the same, designs with a similar concept, such as the IXY Digital 90, also did not last.
Personally, I prefer the rectangular designs with bold edges, like the older IXY Digital 200, IXY1, and IXY3, but that design also did not become mainstream.
In the end, designs like the IXY 420F, which is square overall with rounded corners, remained mainstream.


ItemsIXY Digital-20ISIXY 30SIXY 100FIXY 210
Focal length(35mm equivalent)38-11428-10528-22424-240
Number of pixels8 megapixels10 megapixels16 megapixels20 megapixels
Sensor size1/2.51/2.3
f3.2 – f6.9
f3.0 – f6.9
Distance(Auto mode)30cm~∞
Wide-angle macro: 3cm
3cm~∞ / 30cm~∞1 cm – ∞ / 1.3 m – ∞1 cm – ∞ / 1.0 m – ∞
Image StabilizationLens shift method
View FinderReal image zoom finder
LCD size2.5(TFT)3.0(TFT)2.7(TFT)
LCD resolution23万ドット
Recorded mediaSD memory card
SDHC memory card
Multimedia card
MMCplus card
HC MMCplus card
SD memory card
SDHC memory card
Multimedia card
MMCplus card
HC MMCplus card
SD memory card
SDHC memory card
SDXC memory card
SD memory card
SDHC memory card
SDXC memory card
W x H x D
*1:body only
*2:Battery +Media
125 *1150 *1
175 *2
118 *1
134 *2
122 *1
137 *2
Release date2008.32010.52013.82017.2
Body ColorSilver, pink, camel, brown, whiteSilver, Red, White, Yellow, BlackSilver, Blue, PinkSilver, Black
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  • Battery charger CB-2LY
  • AC adapter kit ACK-DC40
  • DC coupler DR-40
  • Compact power adapter CA-DC10
  • Soft case IXC-400
  • Leather neck strap IXS-300
  • IXC chain neck strap
  • Neck strap IXS-100
  • High power flash HF-DC1
  • HDMI cable HTC-100
  • Interface cable IFC-400PCU
  • AV cable AVC-DC400ST

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