LOMO Atoll Ultra-Wide 2.8/17

Review and Photo example the Atoll Ultra-Wide 2.8/17 (Lomography).

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Photo example
Atoll Ultra-Wide 2.8/17 Photo example (with LEICA M-P)

The lens body is large because the lens type is retrofocus.
Distortion and edge fall-off are better corrected than those of the Distagon-M 18mm and Super Elmar-M 18mm lenses I have used in the past, and although I am not sure if this is a LOMO or Chinese design, I feel the lens is highly complete.
However, I am sometimes bothered by a suspicious undulation that appears when shooting a straight subject, which seems to be a limitation of the correction. When using image processing software to correct this suspicious waviness, it is necessary to create a special profile for this lens, as simple distortion cannot be used (I am not aware of all software, but I have not seen a profile for this lens in any commercial software).

As for operability, I think it is a design issue, but the aperture ring is larger in diameter than the focus ring, so when focusing during shooting, your finger naturally rests on the aperture ring, and sometimes you turn the aperture ring when you thought you were turning the focus ring. And since the aperture is a type that has no click stop on the aperture, you don’t notice the mistake.
I wish the focus ring and aperture ring were reversed every time I make a mistake. I think it is a matter of awareness or familiarity, but I make mistakes unless I am very aware of it, and I never get used to it.
Since the aperture is almost always fixed at F5.6, I think it would be better without the aperture ring in such a conspicuous place. I really feel that this is the case.
It has a dedicated viewfinder, but I have never used it because I only use the EVF.

Original 17mm wide-angle lens manufactured in China and sold by LOMO (Lomography).

focal length(mm)17
Maximum aperture2.8No click stops
Minimum aperture22
Lens configuration10groups 13elementsretrofocus-lens
Minimum distance(m)0.25
Lens length(mm)79
Lens max diameter(mm)73
Filter diameter(mm)Filters cannot be attached.

Reference links
Atoll Ultra-Wide 2.8/17 M-mount (Lomography official web site)


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