MS-Optics SONNETAR 1.1/50

Review of using the SONNETAR 50mm F1.1 (MS-Optics / Miyazaki Optical) with a Leica M digital camera.

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Photo example by LEICA M-P and M10

COSINA Voigtlander has a 50mm/F1.1 lens with the same specifications (weight: 428g / lens length: 57.2mm), but compared to it, SONNETAR is half the weight and 2/3 the length.
The compact design makes it a bit difficult to capture the peripheral areas of the image, and there are some instances where vignetting is noticeable, but this should be resolved through creative use of the lens.
We would like to respect the policy of the designer, Mr. Miyazaki, that a tool is only as good as the people who carry it into the field with them.
As you can see from the sample images, I like this lens very much for its moist rendering with little flare from wide open, and I think it is the most well-balanced lens among Miyazaki Kogaku’s 50mm lenses.

Lens specification
Large-aperture standard lens from MS-Optics (Miyazaki Kogaku), with the lens format of the Sonar type.
This lens is one of the Ms-Optics products of the 2010s with high quality in both appearance and photographic performance.
It is available in three color variations: black, silver, and black paint.

focal length(mm)51.7
Maximum aperture1.16
Minimum aperture16
Lens configuration4groups 5elements
Minimum distance(m)0.85
Lens length(mm)35.7
Lens max diameter(mm)51.2
Filter diameter(mm)55

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