Ms-optics VARIO PRASMA 50mm(SA)

Reviews and photo examples of VARIO PRASMA 50mm F1.5 (MS-Optics / Miyazaki Optical).

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  • VARIO PRASMA 50mm F1.5 Photo example (with LEICA M-P)


Vario Plasma 50mm F1.5 is the fourth installment of MS-Optics’ (Miyazaki Optical) history series, and is a lens with a variable mechanism that pays homage to Kino Plasmato. A bright and fun lens that achieves the same performance as the old Summarit 50mm.
The variable mechanism adjusts the spherical aberration of a specific lens by moving it back and forth, thereby changing the image. This lens has evolved from the Vario PETZ, which has a similar variable mechanism, and by using the frontmost lens as the variable lens, the control unit is installed at the tip of the lens barrel, allowing changes to be made during shooting. .

When using the Leica M typ240 in position 6, which is linked to the rangefinder, the image is sharp even when the aperture is wide open.
The closer you get to position 2, the more a soft halo appears on the subject.
Position 6 can be linked to the rangefinder camera’s rangefinder camera, but rangefinder linkage does not work properly in other positions, so it is recommended to use it with the EVF of a mirrorless camera.
With mirrorless cameras, you can move the index at the tip of the lens while shooting and check the changes in the viewfinder while shooting, allowing you to fully enjoy the benefits of having a variable mechanism installed in the lens barrel.

This lens is available in a wide variety of colors, and in addition to the red metallic I own, many other barrel colors have been released, including blue metallic, green metallic, brown metallic, gold, black paint, black, and silver.
The filter and hood are screw-in type, but the screws are cut in the opposite direction to the normal Ms-optics design, so they are installed by reversing the front and back.


focal length(mm)50
Maximum aperture1.5
Minimum aperture16
Lens configuration4groups 6elements
Minimum distance(m)0.5In position 6, linked to the camera’s rangefinder between 0.8m and ∞.
Lens length(mm)43
Lens max diameter(mm)50
Filter diameter(mm)40.5The filter is mounted in the reverse direction of normal.

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