MS-Optics H-DAGONAR 6.3/40

This is a record of using the H-DAGONAR 40mm f/6.3 (MS-Optics / Miyazaki Optical) with a Leica M digital.

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H-DAGONAR 40mm F6.3 photo example (with Leica M-P)

It has the same specifications as the H-PROT lens, which is also less popular in the market.
With the same specifications as its sibling H-PROT, this lens is also less popular in the market.
My impression of the H-DAGONAR is similar to that of the H-PROT, but comparing the two lenses, there was almost no difference when shooting the exact same subject at the same distance, but the resolution of the H-DAGONAR was slightly higher. Also, the angle of view was slightly narrower with the H-DAGONAR.
Since there is no significant difference between the two lenses, the H-PROT is the lens of choice for those who prefer a more compact lens, while the H-DAGONAR is the lens of choice for those who demand even slightly higher performance.

When used with the HASSELBLAD X2D, it was confirmed that the lens has a wide image circle.
When used on a 44mm*33mm sensor, the lens is sufficiently practical with only a little noticeable peripheral light attenuation, and a focal length of 40mm on the 35mm version is equivalent to 32mm. Sample images have been added to the gallery.

Lens specification
The second lens in MS-Optics’ (Miyazaki Kogaku) historical series, this lens pays homage to the Dagor type.
Compared to its sibling, the H-PROT, it is slightly larger (lens length: H-PROT 16.2mm / H-DAGONAR 22.2mm) and heavier (lens length: H-PROT 47g / H-DAGONAR 50g), but it is small enough compared to modern lenses.
This is due to the fact that two more lenses have been added due to the difference in lens formats.

Translated with (free version)

focal length(mm)40
Maximum aperture6.3
Minimum aperture16
Lens configuration2groups 6elements
Minimum distance(m)0.3Works with the camera’s rangefinder from 0.85m to infinity.
Lens length(mm)22.2
Lens max diameter(mm)50
Filter diameter(mm)22.5The tip of the hood can be fitted with a 28mm filter

Reference links
Link to Camera-wiki.orgのDagor Type lens



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