Ms-Optics H-DAGONAR 40mm

Review and Photo example of the H-DAGONAR 40mm f/6.3 (MS-Optics / Miyazaki Optical).

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  • Leica M-P typ240


The DAGONAR 40mm is the second lens in MS-Optics’ (Miyazaki Kogaku) history series that pays homage to the Dagor type.
Compared to its sibling, the PROT 40mm, the DAGONAR 40mm has two more lenses, making it slightly longer (lens length: H-PROT 16.2mm / H-DAGONAR 22.2mm) and slightly heavier (lens length: H-PROT 47g / H-DAGONAR 50g), However, it is small enough compared to modern lenses.
The DAGONAR 40mm was not very popular in the market at the time of its release due to its subtle focal length and dark maximum aperture, but as the number of lenses appearing on the used market has decreased, the price has returned to a reasonable level.

The impression of using the lens is similar to that of the PROT 40mm, but comparing the two lenses, there was almost no difference when shooting the exact same subject at the same distance, but the resolution of the DAGONAR 40mm was slightly higher. Also, the angle of view was slightly narrower with the DAGONAR 40mm. Still, there is no significant difference between the two lenses, so if you prefer a slightly more compact lens, choose the PROT 40mm, and if you want a slightly higher performance, choose the DAGONAR 40mm.

Using the lens on the HASSELBLAD X2D, a medium-format digital camera, via the X-M mount adapter confirmed the lens’ wide image circle.
The X2D does not have a mechanical shutter, so the images were taken with a sensor shutter. Although we do not feel any inconvenience with the sensor shutter, we believe that the Fujifilm GFX series, which has a mechanical shutter, would be more practical to use.
When using the 44mm*33mm sensor, the focal length of 40mm is equivalent to 32mm in the 35mm version, with only a little noticeable peripheral light attenuation, making the resolution practical enough. Sample images have been added to the gallery.


focal length(mm)40
Maximum aperture6.3
Minimum aperture16
Lens configuration2groups 4elements2groups 6elements
Minimum distance(m)0.3
Rangefinder link is 0.85m to infinity.
Lens length(mm)16.222.2
Lens max diameter(mm)50
Filter diameter(mm)22.5
Lens tip is 28mm

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