Review and photo examples of the Pentax Q 01 STANDARD PRIME lens

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  • The example photos were taken with a Pentax Q7.


The 01 Standard Prime for Pentax Q is a fixed focal length lens exclusively for the Q.

The Pentax Q series does not have a mechanical shutter on the camera side, so the four AF-compatible lenses, including this lens, are equipped with a leaf shutter on a small lens body.

The focal length is 8.5mm, which is 47mm for the Q and Q10 and 39mm for the Q7 and Q-S1 in 35mm format.

This is the focal range known as a standard lens, and since the camera and lens are compact and easy to carry, it is useful as a casual camera system for snapshots.

The JPG images without a filter have a fairly light color tone, so if you don’t like the light look, you can apply a filter or adjust the color with DNG to get it closer to your preference. Naturally, DNG has a wider range of adjustment.

As with the 08 WIDE ZOOM, there were several shots with flashy ghosting in severe backlit conditions.

This may be due to processing on the camera side, but the image does not become too distorted even in dark places.

In scenes where straight lines appear in images recorded in Raw, distortion can be noticeable. However, images recorded in JPG are automatically corrected. A sample of the correction is shown below.
In the distant view at the top, the only difference you can see is the curvature of the pillar at the edge of the screen, but the distortion is quite noticeable in close-up shots, so care should be taken.

Q7 / DNG uncorrected
Q7 / JPG Camera correction
Q7 / DNG uncorrected
Q7 / JPG Camera correction

A dedicated barnacle-shaped hood is sold separately, and it is a 40.5mm screw-on hood that can be used with other lenses, but since it is designed for small sensor sizes, vignetting may occur when attached to a camera with a larger sensor.

When the camera was discontinued, I purchased orange and sky from the color variations. Lime came with the camera. All colors are vivid and beautiful, and if there is anyone out there who has collected 100 colors, I would love to see them.

The following options are available for the lens.

MH-RA40.5… Lens hood (attached to the lime in the photo below) ← Link is an Amazon affiliate link

O-LC40.5… Front lens cap (40.5mm) ← Link is an Amazon affiliate link


Focal length(mm)8.55〜1515〜453.8~5.9
Q10 35mm equivalent focal length4727.5〜82.582.5〜247.521〜33
Q7 35mm equivalent focal length3923〜6969〜20717〜27
Max aperture1.92.8〜〜4
Leaf blade5
Lens Construction8 elements in 5 groups8 elements in 7 groups14 elements in 10 groups8 elements in 7 groups
Min distance(m)
Lens length(mm)23485638
Max diameter(mm)45.548.55054
Filter Size(mm)40.549
Release date2011.8.312013.12

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