Review and photo examples of the Pentax Q10 interchangeable lens mirrorless digital camera

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  • The lens used in the photo examples is the Ms-optics SONNETAR 25mm F1.1.


The Pentax Q10 is the second generation of the Pentax Q series of interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras.

The sensor size is 1/1.7, which is 5.58 times the 35mm equivalent, and the 8.5mm STANDARD 01 is equivalent to 47mm.

There is no clear difference in operation and image quality from the Q7, which has a slightly larger sensor size.

The only inconvenience with the Q and Q10, which are older than the Q7, is that they cannot display an electronic level. However, if you display a grid on the LCD screen, you won’t feel inconvenienced by the lack of an electronic level.

The Q10 I own is a customized mint + black color, but I regret missing out on the mint color of the STANDARD 01. Although the color is slightly different, I was able to get the sky color of the STANDARD 01.

The only unique feature of the Q10 is that it was released in Evangelion image colors for the body. Three colors were sold: purple for Shinji, white for Rei, and red for Asuka. It seems that the camera was designed with some ingenuity, such as a different start-up screen from the original, but I remember that new models remained on the market for quite a while after its release. In the end, even with this technique, it was not a popular camera with the general public.

As for the camera, there is no change from what I said about the PENTAX Q7.

The camera’s start-up speed and shooting tempo are absolutely no problem for general photography, and it can shoot 5 frames per second in JPEG (Hi). Continuous shooting is not possible in Raw format, but if you shoot with a certain amount of leeway, you will not encounter buffer overflow.

There are many buttons for a compact body, and most operations can be performed without changing the menu, and you will not need to call up a menu while shooting. Exposure compensation is assigned to a dial, and there are separate buttons for ISO sensitivity change and white balance.

It also supports recording media up to SDXC, so there is no problem with obtaining recording media.

The included battery is model number D-LI68, but for some reason the model number has been changed to D-LI122. Fujifilm’s NP-50 and NP-50A, and Kodak’s KLIC-7004 are also of the same shape.

The metal fittings for attaching the strap are sturdy enough to accommodate a relatively wide strap, and if the camera’s planning had been successful, it seems likely that a dedicated compact lens with a 1000mm (35mm equivalent) might have been released. For example, a 100mm AF mirror lens (500mm (35mm equivalent)) might have pleased enthusiasts.

A common feature of the Q series is that the camera body does not have a mechanical shutter; the 01, 02, 06, and 08 are equipped with a leaf shutter. Other toy lenses use the camera’s sensor shutter. The “K Mount Lens Adapter Q”, which allows Pentax K mount lenses to be used with this camera, is equipped with a shutter mechanism in the mount adapter, making it a truly luxurious adapter.

Q10 Tower of CP+ 2013


Number of pixels12.4 megapixels
Sensor typeCMOS
Sensor size1/2.31/1.7
Image StabilizationImage sensor shift method
Back LCD size3
Back LCD460,000 dots
Electronic LevelerNoneExist
Record mediaSD、SDHC、SDXC
W x H x D
98 × 57.5 × 31102.0 × 58.0 × 33.5105.0 × 58.0 × 34.0
Weight (g)
*1: Main unit only
*2: Battery + media
180 *1
200 *2
183 *1
203 *2
Release date2011.8.312012.10.122013.7.52014.8.28
Body colorブラック
エヴァンゲリオンカラー x3


  • Waterproof remote control O-RC1
  • Auto flash AF201FG
  • Auto flash AF200FG
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery D-LI68
  • Battery charger kit K-BC115J
  • Camera bag O-CB133
  • Camera case (with strap) O-CC131
  • Soft case O-CC1333
  • Camera case (with front) O-CC133
  • K-mount lens adapter Q

Pentax Q Lenes

NumberLens nameFocal lengthQ10Q7PPrice(Yen/No-tax)
01STANDARD PRIME8.5473917,000-
02STANDARD ZOOM5〜1527.5〜82.523〜6925,000-
03FISH EYE3.217.616.510,000-
04TOY-WIDE ZOOM6.335336,000-
05TOY-TELE PHOTO ZOOM1899946,000-
06TELE PHOTO ZOOM15〜4582.5〜247.569〜20714,000-
08WIDE ZOOM3.8〜5.921〜3217.5〜2740,000-
Ms-opticsSonnetar 25mm F1.125137.511548,000-

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