This is a record of using the LEICA R mount Wide angle lens SUPER-ELMAR-R 15 /F3.5 with a digital camera.

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Photo example used with Leica M

It is a rather large lens, and I used it with a LEICA-M (Typ240)/Leica-SL (Typ601). I have the impression that the camera and lens together weighed about 1.5 kg, making it heavy.
Since it is an ultra-wide-angle lens, it is difficult to find the focus peak, and since the focusing ring of the camera I owned was light, it was difficult to focus the lens precisely without using the magnification function of the EVF.
When the sun was placed in front of the lens, it did not produce a mysterious light, but when the sun was placed at an angle, it sometimes produced a flashy ghosting effect.
At wide aperture, the corners of the lens are sometimes sweet, but I feel this is acceptable since the lens is a super wide-angle lens of a vintage age.
I used to focus on distant subjects at f/5.6 because the lens was almost pan-focused, and I focused on close-up subjects by eye.
The lens I owned was the 3CAM version, so I sold it when I bought another lens.

The widest angle lens among all Leica lenses released in 1979, its successor ELMARIT-R 15mm f/2.8 was made by Schneider, and this SUPER ELMAR 15mm lens was made by Zeiss.
This lens has many siblings such as Nikon, Pentax, etc. You can find some discussion about it on the web.
The number of lenses manufactured is not so many, about 3,000, but as mentioned above, there are other mount versions, so it is not a rare lens.
It has a built-in four-color filter, but we believe it is of little use in the digital age.
The Super Elmar R-Cam has been released in 3-CAM, R-CAM, and ROM-CAM versions. I have not seen the ROM version in Japan, but it is sometimes offered for sale on eBay.
The minimum focusing distance is 16cm and the lens is about 9cm long, so if you are not careful, the front ball will touch the subject.

focal length(mm)15
Maximum aperture3.5
Minimum aperture22
Lens configuration12groups 13elements
Leaf blade
Minimum distance(m)0.16
Lens length(mm)92.5Distance form mount frange
Lens max diameter(mm)83.5
Filter diameter(mm)Filters cannot be attached to the front frame.
The lens has four built-in filters.
Release dateYear 1979
List price(Yen)

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