VARIO-ELMAR-R 3.5/35-70

This is a record of using the LEICA R mount VARIO-APO-ELMARIT-R 70-180 /F2.8 with a digital camera.

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VARIO-ELMAR-R 3.5/35-70 Photo example (ESO1DsMKIII)

The results of shooting are well resolved for an old zoom lens, and the front and rear blur effects are not bad, making it a usable lens.
As for the lens operation, the lens barrel changes with the focal length as described in the features section. I was a little surprised when I used it for the first time.
The minimum focal length is 1 m at all focal lengths, which gives the impression that the lens design is old.
Many Japanese technologies are used in the R-type zoom lenses, and the 35-70/F4, the successor to this lens, was made by Kyocera. I owned this lens for a while, and it was a very useful zoom lens for macro use.

2x zoom lens for Leica R. It is said to have the same optical system as Minolta’s MD 35-70 /3.5 zoom (1978).
The lens is said to have the same optical system as the Minolta MD 35-70 /3.5 zoom lens (1978). 31,000 units were produced, so a considerable amount of this lens is available in the market.
The lens barrel length varies depending on the focal length, with the shortest barrel length at 70mm and the longest barrel length at 35mm.
Models manufactured from 1982 to 1985, when the lens was first released, had a filter diameter of 60mm and were manufactured by Minolta (MADE IN JAPAN), while models manufactured from 1986 to 1997 had a filter diameter of 67mm and were manufactured by ELW (Ernst Leitz Wetzlar / MADE IN GERMANY) with a filter diameter of 67mm. Since there is no information available on any particular design change after the production was transferred to Germany, it is assumed that the lenses were manufactured with the same optical system as that of Minolta’s design.

focal length(mm)35-70
Maximum aperture3.5
Minimum aperture22
Lens configuration7groups 8elements
Leaf blade6
Minimum distance(m)1.0
Lens length(mm)64.5Distance form mount frange
Lens max diameter(mm)72
Filter diameter(mm)67(New-ver)60mm(Old-ver)
Release dateYear 1982Product end y1997

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