Review and Photo example of the HASSELBLAD HCD 28mm F4.

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The Hasselblad HCD 28mm F4 is a wide-angle lens with a focal length of 28mm for Hasselblad H series cameras.
Since it is an HCD lens series, the sensor size is optimized for a sensor with a size of 48 x 36 mm, and with a larger sensor size of 53.7 x 40.2 mm, the image circle of the lens is insufficient and the periphery will be cut off.
Lenses with orange dots have a lens shutter with a maximum speed of 1/2000, while lenses without a dot have a lens shutter with a maximum speed of 1/800.
HC lenses can be used with the X1D/X1DII via the X H Lens Adapter* or XH CONVERTER 0.8*.

When using the X H Lens Adapter*, the focal length is 23mm in 35mm format.

When using XH CONVERTER 0.8*, the focal length is 18.5mm in 35mm format. However, the image circle of the lens is insufficient, so the edges are slightly vignetted. Phocus, the software for developing captured images, automatically crops the edges a little and displays an image with a focal length of about 20mm in 35mm format. You can check the full 18.5mm image before cropping by selecting [Uncrop] from the Phocus image menu. Since the four corners of the image format 4:3 are only slightly covered, you may be able to use it as is. Also, if you crop the image to 3:2, there will be no problem with the width of the image.

This lens is the widest-angle lens compatible with the S-H adapter for using HC/HCD lenses with the Leica S series, and has a focal length equivalent to 23mm in 35mm format.

*The link is rakuten’s Mapcamera

When I checked the lens on the X1D, the firmware was 18.0.0 and the number of shutters was about 7000.
To use AF, I updated the firmware to 19.1.0.
I purchased this new lens with an orange dot on the lens barrel after confirming that the maximum lens shutter speed is 1/2000 and that AF (autofocus) can be used with the X H Lens Adapter* and XH CONVERTER 0.8*.
The lens weighs only 850g, and compared to the wide-angle lens in the same category, the HC 3.5/35mm, it is 22mm shorter in length and 125g lighter, making it very easy to handle when carrying around.

There are relatively many used 28mm lenses without orange dots on the market, but when I couldn’t seem to get a 24mm lens, I found a 28mm lens with orange dots and purchased it. After purchasing the 28mm, I also got the 24mm, so I thought it could be replaced with the 24mm, but the 28mm has a slightly brighter lens, an extension tube can be used (see accessory compatibility for details), and the focal length of the 28mm is 24mm. It’s easier to use than the 24mm lens, so you can get better quality images, so I use the 24mm when I want to take a wide shot, and the 28mm when I have plenty of space.

The AF has a fast focusing speed among HC/HCD lenses, and once you get used to the AF, the focusing accuracy is high and you can get the desired focus position.
The shortest shooting distance is 35cm over the entire range, which is considered sufficient close-up shooting capability.
The lens comes with a nice hood, but I rarely use it during normal use because it has sufficient backlight resistance even without a hood.

Since I purchased the XCD 28P for the Hasselblad X2D, I use this lens less often, but it is the widest-angle lens that can be used with the LEICA S Typ007, so I keep it.


focal length(mm)28.9
Maximum aperture4
Minimum aperture32
Lens configuration9groups 12elements
Minimum distance(m)0.35
Lens length(mm)102
Lens max diameter(mm)100
Filter diameter(mm)95
HCD 4/28 lens specification PDF

Accessory compatibility

  • Some expansion tubes (H13/H26/H13+H26) can be used, but not H52.
  • HTS 1,5 TILT AND SHIFT ADAPTER can be used.
  • The image circle of the lens does not cover medium format film (41.5 x 56mm).
  • Converter 1.7x (x1.7 teleconverter) cannot be used.

AF support

In order to mount an HC/HCD series lens on the X1D, X1DII, X2D, or 907X via a mount adapter (X H Lens Adapter, XH CONVERTER 0.8) and operate the autofocus (AF), a lens with an expanded lens firmware area of ​​18.0.0 or later is required.

Even if you apply firmware 18.0.0 or later to a lens before 17.0.0, the change cannot be made due to insufficient write area.

Lenses with an orange mark on the lens, commonly known as an orange dot, have lens firmware 18.0.0 or later and are 100% AF compatible.

However, there are also lenses without an orange dot that are AF compatible, and many lenses manufactured after 2010 with a lens serial number starting with V have an expanded firmware area and are likely to be AF compatible.

Lenses with a serial number starting with S are lenses manufactured in the 2000s and have firmware 17.0.0 or earlier without an orange dot.

There are exceptions to the above, and new firmware may be installed when the focus unit is replaced during lens repair.

The best way to determine whether AF is available on Hasselblad X-series lenses is not just to look at the serial number, but to check the actual lens firmware when you attach it to your camera.

All Fujinon-branded H lenses have old firmware and do not support AF.

About FUJINON lens

  • The HCD 28mm lens probably doesn’t exist as I have never seen the Fujinon brand on the market.

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