Review and Photo example of HASSELBLAD XCD 21mm F4.

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The XCD 21mm F4 is the widest-angle lens among the X-mount lenses used in the Hasselblad X series. The new price was around 440,000 yen when it was released in 2019, and it is equipped with the same 1/2000 lens shutter as other XCD lenses. It’s compact for a wide-angle lens compatible with medium-format sensors, and the AF is very quiet and focuses with reasonable accuracy when used with the X1D. It weighs 600g, but it doesn’t feel heavy because it’s light compared to its volume.
It’s very nice to be able to achieve an angle of view equivalent to 17mm at this size.

This is the second XCD lens to be introduced, and the brightness is F4 and high ISO sensitivity, which is sufficient for the practical X series, and when used with Phocus, various corrections are also good and wide-angle images without dimming or distortion. can be obtained.

I sold the XCD 21mm because I got the HC24mm +XH-Converter0.8 (35mm equivalent focal length is equivalent to 240.80.8=16mm), but if you want to use only the XCD, it’s a wide-angle lens. I think this is an essential lens that covers the entire range.

Fujifilm’s GFX series, which is equipped with the same medium format digital sensor, includes a 21mm focal length lens as a zoom lens, and a lineup of fixed focal length lenses starting from 23mm.
The actual focal length of the XCD 21mm is rounded to 22mm, so it can be said that there is almost no difference from the Fujifilm.
I don’t own any Fujifilm lenses, so I can’t say much about them, but when I compare specs alone, the 20-35mm zoom lens is very versatile.
The 23mm was released in 2017 and the 20-35 zoom was released in 2021, so before 2021 the only option was 23mm, but after the release of the 20-35 zoom, choosing 23mm is only for very particular people. I think so.
If Fujifilm releases a lens with a focal length of 18mm (35mm equivalent focal length of 14mm) using technology, I’m sure people will be interested in the GFX series.


ItemsXCD 21mmGF23mmF4GF20-35
Focal length(mm)21.82320-35
35mm equivalent focal length171816-28
Max aperture444
Min aperture323222
Leaf blade899
Lens Construction13elements in 9groups
15elements in 12groups14elements in 10groups
Min distance(m)0.350.380.35(全域)
Lens length(mm)101103112.5
Max diameter(mm)838989
Filter Size(mm)778282
Release date2018.052017.06.222021.9.29
Price(Yen/No-tax)Open price
(Reference price ¥433,000-)
XCD 4/21 lens specification manual PDF

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