This is a record of using the KONICA M-HEXANON 50mm / F2, a standard lens for the Leica M, with a film and digital camera.

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KONICA M-HEXANON 50mm F2 photo exsample(HEXAR-RF / LEICA M8)

The technical report has a detailed description of the lens. It is a Gaussian-type lens construction, and seems to be a solid lens designed in anticipation of the 50mm/F1.2 that will be released later in the year.
The image rendition is good from the maximum aperture, and it can be used for both distant and near landscapes. The front and rear bokeh are also very straightforward, and I think it is a good lens, but it did not survive the fierce 50mm battle and I traded it in when I bought something.
It is the most compact lens in the KONICA-M series and matches well with the M-type Leica.

Standard lens for Leica M mount made by KONICA.
The design of the lens is similar to the fourth generation of the SUMMICRON-M 50mm, with a tapered body and built-in hood.

focal length(mm)50
Maximum aperture2
Minimum aperture161/2 stepes
Lens configuration5groups 6elementsGauss type
Leaf blade10
Minimum distance(m)0.7
Lens length(mm)43.5Distance from mount flange
Lens max diameter(mm)54
Filter diameter(mm)40.5

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