Review of using the LEICA M9/M9-P.


The Leica M9 was an epoch-making camera, the first M-type digital camera with a 35mm full-size sensor, and I acquired a used black model a short time after its release. After a few years of use, I experienced a detachment of the glass in front of the sensor. Fortunately, it was still under warranty, so I took it in for repair, but I remember that it took a long time. At that time, I borrowed an M8 as a replacement.
I did not think it was a problem that would lead to a recall, and I thought I was unlucky, but it seems that it takes a considerable amount of money to repair the problem.
Currently, the market is in a state of chaos, with both unprotected and protected products being sold in a mixed state.
There seems to be a way to tell the difference to some extent, but there is no foolproof method, and it is dangerous to touch these cameras.
A kit to replace broken or peeled glass is also available, but it is not clear whether an amateur can do the work. There is also a distance-meter interlocking mechanism near the sensor, so if the camera is taken apart in the wrong way, it may be irreversible.
I had an M9-P for a while, but I sold it in good condition before I knew the sensor was detached. I don’t know what would have happened if I had used it for a long time. The later LEICA M-E was also sold as a non-compliant product, and I feel that the KODAK-CCD detachment problem is a very troublesome issue, including the LEICA S2 / S Typ006 / S-E.
As for the LEICA S series, I bought two of them used and both of them suffered from sensor detachment. The details are on a separate page.
The shutter mechanism of the LEICA M9 series seems to have followed the M8.2 system, and I remember that the sound quality was also the same, although the sensor size was larger.
The number-of-shots counter on the left shoulder of the M8/M8.2 was eliminated. Since this counter could only display up to 2-digit 99 shots, it is believed that the increased capacity of the M9/M9-P’s compatible memory cards made it possible to take more than 1,000 shots, and the counter was deemed unnecessary. However, I think it is fun to take pictures with a small capacity SD card while keeping an eye on the number of remaining shots, as it is very film-like.
Since the M9/M9-P is compatible with SDHC cards, the availability of memory cards has improved.
The 18-megapixel sensor is sufficient for the needs of the photographer, and it is still popular because it produces a rich image. However, due to the price hike caused by the shortage of cameras and the sensor problem, it is difficult to use this model actively.
It is nice to see that the M8 shares the same battery, grip, and other options as the M8, so there is some continuity in the system.

The sensor pitch is the same as that of the M8, but the pixel count has increased to 18 megapixels due to the larger sensor area.
The size of the camera is the same as the M8, and the memory card counter on the top edge of the body has been eliminated.
The availability of memory cards has improved with the support of 32GB SDHC cards.
The M9’s raw (DNG file) data is approximately 18 megabytes in compressed form, so a 32 gigabyte SDHC card can take approximately 1,600 shots when shooting raw only.

Sensor efective pixels18.0-Megapixels
MountLEICA M mount with 6bit code
Sensor35mm-Full Size ( 35.8x 23.9mm)
Kodak KAF18500
Back LCD2.5inch LCD monitor230,000 pixels
Finder magnificationx 0.68
Max shutter speed1/4000
Recorded mediaSD/SDHC32GB SDHC card can be used
Battery Leica 14464Battery(Ads by rakuten)
Size(WxHxD)W x H x D 139x80x37mmExcluding protrusions
Weight545 (Body +Battery)


  • LEICA M8/M8.2/M9 Hand Grip (replace the entire bottom cover)
  • thumbs-up

Model History

Model nameR-D1M8M8.2M9 /M9-P
Sensor efective pixels6.1-Megapixels10.3-Megapixels18.0-Megapixels
(Probably made by Sony)
Kodak KAF10500KAF-18500
Sensor sizeAPS-C
23.7 x 15.6mm
APS-H Size
27 x 18mm
35mm Fullsize
35.8 × 23.9 mm 
Back LCD2.02.5
normal glass
sapphire glass
normal glass
Finder magnification10.680.68
Max shutter speed1/20001/80001/40001/4000
BatteryEPALB1 Leica 14464
Recorded mediaSDSDSDSDHC
Release date2004.7.302006.112008.92011.6.30
Size(WxHxD)142.0 x 88.5 x 39.5139 x 80 x 37
Weight570g (Only body)545585
Body colorBlackBlack/Silver/WhiteBlack/Silver/SafariBlack/Grey(M9)/Silver(M9-P)/Titan

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