LEICA X Maroon (Typ113)

This is a record using the Leica X Maroon Typ 113 digital camera.


I bought the limited edition maroon version, but the only differences are the azuki-colored pasted leather and the Leica printing on the flash. Perhaps because of the less limited edition flavor, I got it for about the same price as a used regular X.
I have owned at least one non-OEM Leica compact digital camera at any given time, and have gone from LEICA X1 to LEICA X2 to LEICA X (Silver) to LEICA Q to LEICA Q2 to LEICA X Maroon.

The LEICA X can be used well as a stand-alone main camera, and as a sub-camera, I am currently using the X because the camera response, camera size, etc. are just right.
The AF is a bit poor and often out of focus, especially in macro photography, but I use MF in such cases. The macro shooting function can also be used for table photography with a minimum focus distance of 0.2m.
The auto white balance does not seem to be good under artificial lighting, and sometimes the colors are outrageous when shooting JPEG only, so it is necessary to either shoot Raw or adjust the white balance yourself.
To operate the camera, the shutter speed and aperture can be changed with the two dials on the camera.
The focus can be changed quickly from AF to any distance with the focus ring at the base of the barrel; there is a click stop between AF and MF ghosting, so you know the mode has changed just by rotating the ring. The controls are very well thought out.
With 16.2 megapixels, there are no complaints for normal use.
I also appreciate the fact that the battery type from the LEICA X1 has been continued. I think Japanese manufacturers change the model number of the battery too much.
The case I am using is made by Artisan&Artist (LMB-XA)*1, and there are also genuine LEICA cases. The hood is UN UNX-8135*1 for 52mm diameter. 49mm filter groove is cut on the tip of LEICA X lens, but it looks awkward to put the filter between the lens barrel and the hood because of the big difference. Therefore, a 52mm filter is attached using a 49mm > 52mm step-up ring, and the UNX-8135 is mounted on the lens barrel.
If you do not use a filter, you can use UNX-8118*1.

As an aside, the Q series is a very good camera if it were complete by itself, but as I use various cameras and lenses, I tend to use the camera with integrated lens as a sub, and I gave up both the Q and Q2 because I felt they were too much for that purpose.

*1: Rakuten affiliate links

Original Leica compact digital camera.
Equipped with an F1.7 but SUMMILUX branded lens.
Shooting distance is from 20cm to infinity.
Recording formats are JPEG and Raw.
Available in silver, black, white, maroon, and moncler.

Effective Pixels16.2-Megapixels
LensLEICA DC SUMMILUX 1.7 /24 ASPH.10 elements 8 group
35mm equivalent 35mm
SensorAPS-C Sensor
FinderVISOFLEXattached outside
Back LCD3型・92万ドット
Memory cardSD/SDHC/SDXCカードSupports up to 128GB
BatteryBP-DC8DMW-BCC12 *1
Size(mm)W x H x D 133 x73 x78
Weight(g)451(Only body)/486(Total weight)


  • Strap
  • Body case

Model History

Model nameX1X2X-VarioXX-EX-U
Actual focal length242418-46232423
35mm equivalent focal length363628-70353635
Number of pixels (Megapixcel)
Back LCD Panel2.
Release date201020122013201420142016
Body colorBlack
Paul Smith
Daimaru Tokyo
à la carte
Tokyo station
Galeries Lafayette
TitanBlack x Silver

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