Review of using the NEW RUSSAR+ 20mm f/5.6 (LOMO / Lomography version) with a Leica M digital camera.

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NEW RUSSAR+ 20mm F5.6 Photo example (with LEICA M-P)

The RUSSARs on the market other than the LOMO brand are available in black and silver, but most of them are noticeably tired on the exterior due to age-related deterioration. The lens barrel of this lens appears to have been rebuilt and is a beautiful shiny silver color.
The lens is old and dark, starting at f/5.6. The filter diameter is 49mm, and although it is desirable to attach a filter to protect the impressive convex front element, attaching a filter has the disadvantage of not allowing the aperture to be moved.
The minimum focusing distance is 0.5m, unchanged from the previous version, which is regrettable.
It is nice that the symmetrical lens has no distortion, but when shooting with a digital camera, a large color cast may occur as with the HOLOGON 16mm, Super Angulon-M, and BIogon-G 21mm lenses.
Color cast is more noticeable in blue sky and dimly lit scenes. It is not noticeable when converted to monochrome, so when shooting with a digital camera, I use it on the assumption that it will later be processed in monochrome.
The actual images are intentionally put up as color casts, and we hope you can see how it looks like this.

When the lens was used with the HASSELBLAD X2D, which has a larger sensor size, it was found that it did not cause color casts, although the image circle was not sufficient, as was the case with the HOLOGON 16mm. This is probably due to the latest sensor, and I am glad to know that I will be able to use the lens more frequently.
The 20mm wide-angle and maximum aperture of F5.6 allow the lens to be almost pan-focused, but it is difficult to judge the focus plane clearly even when the EVF is used to magnify the image.

Lens specification
LOMO (Lomography) commissioned Russia’s ZENIT to reissue a famous lens from the past.
The minimum focusing distance is unchanged at 0.5m, and the lens specifications are the same as the old version.

focal length(mm)19.3
Maximum aperture5.6
Minimum aperture22
Lens configuration4groups 6elements
Minimum distance(m)0.5Not linked to camera rangefinder
Lens length(mm)23
Lens max diameter(mm)53
Filter diameter(mm)49Aperture cannot be operated when filter is attached
Weight(g)112Lens + L-M mount adapter

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