This is a record of playing with M-mount lenses with the Panasonic DMC-GM5 digital camera.


The Lumix GM5 is probably the camera that has pushed one end of the Micro Four Thirds philosophy.
With its compact body and EVF, it is a product that will appeal to the generation of photographers who need a viewfinder to take pictures.
From its appearance, it seems to be the second coming of the MINOLTA-CLE.

However, this camera did not sell well. The popularity of compact bodies with an EVF was revealed to be very niche, and the GM5 was the only compact body with an EVF to disappear from the product lineup.
The PEN-F from Olympus (now OM Digital Solutions Co., Ltd.) barely resembles this lineage, but its body size (W x H x D 124.8 x 72.1 x 37.3 mm) is one size larger than that of the GM5.
Although it may be niche and not in demand, we hope that a successor with 20 megapixels equivalent to the PEN-F and an improved EVF with 2 million dots will be released while maintaining the same body size. The current state of the product is unfortunate, as it should continue to mature as a product.

I would also like to see a lens that is suitable for this size, and I think it would be more enjoyable to have a very small lens with a focal length of 8mm to 12mm, even if it can be used with MF. At the moment, Ms-optics 17mm is the widest angle lens, which is equivalent to 34mm on M4/3. The wide-angle side is still insufficient.

Camera specification

Effective Pixels16 megapixels
Lens mountMicro Four Thirds Mount
Sensor4/3-inch Live MOS sensor, 16.84 million total pixels
EVFColor LCD Live Viewfinder 0.2-inch, approx. 1.16 million dots
Camera SizeWidth x Height x Depth 98.5 x 59.5 x 36.1 mmExcluding protrusions
Weight(g)211 (including body, battery, and memory card)

Camera body + lens Gallery

Camera option

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