MR-TELYT-R 8/500

Review of the use of the MR-TELYT-R 500mm F8 telephoto mirror (reflection type) lens for the Leica R with a digital camera.

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MR-TELYT-R 500mm F8 Photo example (using EOS-1DsMK3)

Even though it is sold under the Leica brand, there is nothing particularly different from other mirror lenses, including performance and image quality.
Since the focal length is 500mm, it is natural that when used on a body without image stabilization, the image in the viewfinder will shake so much that you will feel drunk.
I have seen the market price in the range of US$770 to US$1400, and since the market price of other 500mm mirror lenses is around US$100 to US$400, it is not a lens that will be actively chosen unless you are planning to complete your Leica R lens collection.
The handheld lens has 3 cams and can be used with any R-type Leica except the Leicaflex/SL/SL2 (film cameras).
The market has never seen a lens other than the 3 cams, and as a ROM lens enthusiast, I am wondering if it could be ROM modified. Konica Minolta, the successor company to Minolta that manufactured this lens, seems to still be doing business with Leica, and I sometimes fantasize about the possibility of them releasing an AF mirror lens for the L-mount alliance, but the lack of demand for mirror lenses makes me think that the possibility is infinitesimally small.

Lens specification
The MR-TELYT 500 lens was designed in Germany and manufactured by Minolta in Japan.
According to the Wiki information on Leica-Forum, 3800 units were made from the start of sales in 1980 to the end of production in 1996.

  • Focal length: 500 mm
  • Aperture range: 8(fixed)
  • Lens elements:5 groups 5 elements
  • Minimum distance object to film: 4 m
  • Length / Diameter: 121 mm / 87 mm
  • Weight: 750g
  • Filter diameter: 77 mm (A special color filter can be attached to the rear end of the lens.)

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