Orion-15 6/28

This contents is a record of using Orion-15 28mm F6 made by ZOMZ, Russia with Leica M digital camera.

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A Russian-made lens, this one was made at the ZOMZ factory, based on the bow-drawn markings (which actually indicate the lens’ incidence).
The filter diameter is 40.5mm and the convex front lens barrel protection is 40.5mm.
The filter diameter is 40.5mm, and although I would like to install a filter to protect the convex front, as with the NEW RUSSAR+, there is a disadvantage in that the aperture cannot be moved if a filter is installed.
Since it is a cheap lens, I think it is better to use it without filters or as a fixed f-stop lens.
It is a pity that the minimum focus distance is the same as that of the Barnack (Leica A/Leica I) Leica at 1m, and that the lens itself cannot get closer.
I was pleased to see that there was no distortion when shooting buildings with the symmetrical lens, and perhaps because of the 28mm focal length, the color cast was less noticeable when shooting with a digital camera than with the NEW RUSSAR+, or Super Angulon.

Lens specification
A Russian-made 28mm wide angle lens with an aperture of f/6, known as the TOPOGON copy of ZEISS.

focal length(mm)28
Maximum aperture6
Minimum aperture22
Lens configuration4groups 4elements
Minimum distance(m)1.0mWorks with camera rangefinder in all focus ranges.
Lens length(mm)20
Lens max diameter(mm)51.5
Filter diameter(mm)40.5Aperture operation is not possible when a filter is attached.
Weight(g)112The total of the lens and the L-M mount adapter was actually measured.

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