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I borrowed a prototype model of Ms-optics’ new lens, XENOMAX XENOR 50mm / F3.5, so I attached the lens to X1DII and went around Kamakura in late spring. (2022.4.21: Name changed to XENOMAX)
Most of the shots were taken at the maximum aperture of f/3.5. I occasionally stopped down the aperture, but the shooting results were not different enough to make a clear difference.
The lens has sufficient sharpness and resolution from the widest aperture, and the light falloff at the four corners is slight, which is sufficient to cover the 44 x 33 mm medium-format digital sensor.

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Enoshima Electric Railway / 江ノ電
Ms-optics XENOMAX 3.5/50
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  • The Enoden(Enoshima Electric Railway) was used for transportation.
  • Fujisawa Station>Koshigoe Station>Walk>Kamakura Koukoumae Station>Hase Station>Kamakura Station (about 3 hours)


 This time, I took the Enoden from Fujisawa Station to Kamakura.
 I prefer to take the Enoden from Fujisawa Station because it is crowded when I take it from Kamakura.

 I got off at Koshigoe Station and visited Manpukuji Temple.
 The remaining cherry blossoms and early summer flowers were in bloom.
 There used to be a cat, but there was no cat this time.

 After leaving Manpukuji Temple, I walked to Kamakura Koukoumae Station with the sea on the side.

 We got off at Hase Station and walked to Kotokuji Temple, where the Great Buddha of Kamakura is located.
 The admission fee to Kotokuji Temple was unchanged at 300 yen.
 The Great Buddha of Kamakura has no shrine and is sitting under the sky, which is very impressive.

 From Kotokuji Temple, we moved on foot to Haseji Temple.
 The entrance fee here is 400 yen.
 The main statue, Hase Kannon, was built 1,300 years ago, which makes me feel the transience of human life.

Photo 14.
 From Hase Station, we took the Enoden to Kamakura Station.
 The train started running with many people on board.

Photo 15.
 Returning home (neighbor’s cat)


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