This is a record of the SIGMA 24mm F1.8 EX DG ASPHERICAL MACRO used with a SIGMA digital camera.

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These lenses are the three brothers of the 20mm/24mm/28mmm lenses and have existed since the SD9/SD10 era.
The lens used is the later model with a single vertical line of knurling on the focusing ring, while the lens with the knurling on the focusing ring split in the longitudinal direction is the earlier model.
In the era of SD9/SD10, they were inexpensive and popular single focal length lenses, and I have fond memories of discussing which of the three lenses was my favorite on an Internet message board.

I purchased this lens in 2022, while purchasing SD14, and although it is a little less bright than today’s too large Art lenses (F1.4 → F1.8), it is lightweight and compact, weighing less than 1 kg when combined with the camera, and I feel that it is a good size for casual city photography.

Sigma lenses of this era do not have much backlight resistance, and back effects produce flashy flares, so I feel that a lens hood is essential.

Since these lenses were made in the film era, they have some peripheral problems on full-size sensors, but on cameras with APS-C or smaller sensors, such as the SD14/SD15/SD1, there are no noticeable defects in the image rendering.
The angle of view is cropped to 35mm-40mm equivalent, so it is not a wide-angle macro lens.

24mm wide-angle single focal length lens with a minimum focusing distance of 18cm, a wide-angle lens that allows you to get close.
Accessories include a case and a flower-shaped hood (LH-825-03).

focal length(mm)24
Maximum aperture1.8
Minimum aperture22
Lens configuration9groups 10elements
Minimum distance(m)0.18
Lens length(mm)82.5
Lens max diameter(mm)83.6
Filter diameter(mm)77

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