SIGMA DP1 / DP1s / DP1x

This was recorded using Sigma DP1 / DP1s / DP1x digital cameras.



A compact digital camera with the same sensor as the SD14.

The shutter lag, the LCD tracking, the lack of auto white balance, the short battery life, and the inability to increase the ISO sensitivity, all of which made the camera’s basic performance like that of early digital cameras, demanded patience. The camera’s basic performance is like that of an early digital camera, and patience is required to use it.
The crisp images characteristic of Foveon cameras are still good enough to be used today, especially when taken in sunny locations with good light.
In addition, the release of a camera with an APS-C sensor in the size of a compact digital camera at this time is honestly praiseworthy; the Leica X1 was released in 2009 and Ricoh’s GR in 2013 for cameras with APS-C class sensors, so the 2008 release of this camera stands out for its advanced technology. The advanced nature of this camera stands out.
I passed on the DP1s, a minor upgrade based on the DP1, and obtained the DP1x in its final form.
The Dp1x had a TrueII image processing chip and was a slightly better camera, but it was not a very usable replacement after two years had passed. We believe that the basic elemental technology was lacking.

At the time I was using this camera, I was taking pictures of cats as my subjects, and since cats move and are in the dark, I could only take pictures of resting cats during the daytime.
It might be good for taking slow and steady pictures of landscapes, but unfortunately, it was a completely useless product for street snapshots, taking advantage of its compactness.
There were also many defective products, and depending on the time of the year, some DP1s were returned as DP1x when they were sent in for repair.
I feel that if they had loaded the first DP1 with TrueII and released it with the same interface as the DP2, the product would have made a better impression.
I think the first DP1/DP2 is one of the history of mistakes made by unbearable Sigma.
In the first DP series, after a short wait after its release, products flowed into the used market in the form of outlets and could be purchased at a relatively low price.


A digital camera with a second-generation Foveon sensor.
The only difference between the DP1 and DP2 was the lens, with the DP1 carrying a 16.6mm lens and the DP2 a 24.2mm lens.

Camera Effective PixelsEffective pixels: 14.06 million pixels (2,652 x 1,768 x 3 layers)
Focal length16.6mm F4
(35mm camera equivalent: angle of view equivalent to 28mm)
Lens configuration6elements 5group
image sensorFOVEON X3®(CMOS)・20.7×13.8mm
image processingTrueTrue II
Back LCD2.5-inch, 230,000 dots
View finderNone
BatteryLithium-ion battery (BP-31)
Size(mm)W x H x D 113.3mm x 59.5mm x 50.3mm
Weight(g)Approx. 250g (excluding batteries and memory card)
Release dateMarch 3, 2008October 10, 2009September 30, 2010
Jpanese price100,000(Open)54,800(Open)72,800(Open)


  • Lens hood:HA-11

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