Review and Photo example the LEICA SUMMICRON R 50mm.

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The Summicron R 50mm is a standard lens with a focal length of 50mm for Leica single-lens reflex cameras.
There are two types of lens barrels: the old model with a separate hood and the new model with a built-in hood.
For the old Summicron, there are 1-CAM, 2-CAM, and 3-CAM, and since the numbers are available, there may be some that have been modified to ROM, but I have never seen one. The new Summicron comes with 3-CAM, R-CAM, and ROM terminals. The lens used in this introduction is a new type with a ROM terminal.

The Summicron R 50mm is a lens with mediocre specs, and you can find quite a few of them on the market.
As for lenses for Leica single-lens reflex cameras with a focal length of 50mm, the Summilux R is bright, inexpensive, and is only slightly larger than the Summicron, making it just as portable.
For this reason, many people choose Summilux, so Summicron R’s presence is small.

This is a lens that I have bought and sold about three times, but lately I’ve been using it occasionally for the following reasons.
When using manual focus on a single-lens reflex camera (especially with a CANON EOS finder), when comparing the focusing yield at F2 with the aperture wide open and the Summilux’s F1.4, I realized that the Summicron’s yield is good and does not lose focus. (If you use the EVF, you won’t have to worry about the focusing accuracy even with the Summilux.) You might think of using the Summilux with the lens stopped down, but I still want to use a fast lens wide open without stopping it down.

I wrote that the lens is not that different from the Summilux, but the Summicron’s lens barrel is 16mm shorter than the Summilux, and when attached to a large EOS-1 series camera with an integrated vertical grip, this difference will affect how well it fits in the camera bag.
This lens can be used with the EOS-1 Ds MKIII without any problems.


focal length(mm)52.5
Maximum aperture2
Minimum aperture16
Leaf blade6
Lens configuration4groups 6elementsGauss-type
Minimum distance(m)0.5
Lens length(mm)42.8
Lens max diameter(mm)64
Filter diameter(mm)55

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