Tamron SP 350mm F/5.6(06B)

This is a record of photographs taken with a Tamron SP 350mm F/5.6(06B), a Telephoto mirror lens, attached to a digital camera.

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Sample photos by HASSELBLAD X2D


Compact telephoto mirror lens.
Mirror lenses are released by various companies with a focal length of 500mm/F8, but this one has a shorter focal length of 350mm/F5.6 and is one stop brighter. This lens has a very wide image circle, covering the 44x33mm of a medium format digital sensor.
When used with the HASSELBLAD X2D, the focal length is equivalent to 270mm, and the lens is mounted on the X2D with the Adaptor 2 LEICA-R adapter and via the NOVOFLEX X-LEICAR mount adapter. This allows the use of the Leica APO-EXTENDER x2. In that case, the focal length would be 540mm/F11 (actual focal length 700mm).
Although it is an old lens, you can enjoy sufficiently sharp images if you are careful about camera shake. It is also possible to create the donut bokeh characteristic of mirror lenses.
A similar lens, the 300mm/F6.3 mirror lens for Micro Four Thirds, released by TOKINA on May 25, 2012, is even more compact than this lens, but this may be due to different lens specifications and a narrower image circle to cover.
The same Tamron 500mm mirror lens (52B/52BB) is a focal length that cannot be carried for everyday use, but the 350mm of the 06B can somehow be used around town.

I acquired this lens at the end of 2022 after having several opportunities to acquire it but never got around to it.
It was described as junk, but the helicoid was reasonably heavy and the rear lens was clean, protected by a 30.5mm filter, although there was a small problem with some light mold on the front lens element. The hood and hood cap were also obtained in perfect condition with the Adaptor 2-M42 included.

On a personal note, the subtle movement of the X2D’s anti-shake protection and the smooth EVF were synergistic, but after a few minutes of use, I felt a bit sick, as if I were intoxicated.

TAMRON-SP 350mm 06B

Mirror lens with a focal length of 350mm. The aperture is f/5.6, which is one step brighter than the f/8 used in mirror lenses of the 500mm class. The aperture is fixed.
The lens uses Tamron’s Adaptor 2 mount, which can be used with lenses for SLR cameras from various manufacturers. It can also be used with the latest mirrorless cameras via a mount adapter.
The rear lens element can be fitted with a 30.5mm filter and the front lens element with an 82mm filter, and the hood is a reversible 82mm diameter threaded hood that is internally planted.
A tripod mount is attached as standard, and the tripod mount rotates 90 degrees.
The minimum focusing distance is 1.1m, making it a telemacro lens. To reach the minimum focusing distance of 1.1m from infinity, the lens needs to be rotated about 350 degrees, and although such a need is unlikely, it does not allow for quick focusing. However, it is suitable for fine-tuning the focus position, so it is easy to focus on the subject.

focal length(mm)350
Maximum aperture5.6
Minimum aperture
Lens configuration7-elements 4-groups
Leaf blade
Minimum distance(m)1.1
Lens length(mm)79Distance from mount frange
Lens max diameter(mm)86
Filter diameter(mm)82
Release date1981Product end 1985
Official price48,400 Yen

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