Voigtlander ULTRON-SL 40/2

Review of the ULTRON 40mm F2 SL Aspherical released by Cosina under the Voigtlander brand with a digital camera

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Sample Photo with FUJIFILMU S3Pro

The Ultron 40mm was the first Voigtlander brand lens released by COSINA for SLR cameras.
In addition to this lens, there were a total of seven SL (single-lens reflex) lenses released at the same time: two 12mm and 15mm lenses exclusively for mirror-up lenses, and COLOR-HELIAR 75mm, Apo-Lanthar 90mm, Macro Apo-Lanthar 125mm, and Apo-Lanthar 180mm for regular SLR cameras. Lanthar 180mm, which can be used with regular SLR cameras.
The design of the black lens barrel with silver accents is a desirable modern interpretation of a classic design.
The lens name Ultron refers to the past original ULTRON lens specification of 50mm f/2. Kocina-Foktrender lenses use the Ultron brand for lenses with a maximum aperture of around f/2, ignoring the focal length.
The 40mm angle of view is easy to use on APS-C size sensors.
I first got the M42 mount version and used it on my SONY α700 via a mount adapter. Later, I got the Nikon mount version for use with the Fuji Finepix S3Pro.
As long as I use it with an APS-C sensor camera, I have no problem with the image rendering, even on the periphery, and the bokeh view is straightforward and unpleasant.
This is a long-lived lens that has been sold since its release in 2002, with changes in appearance and the addition of a mount that is compatible with increasingly electronic cameras and contacts that recognize the aperture and lens name.
Since the price has not gone up that much, I would like to acquire this lens three times in the future.

There are a variety of lens mounts, including M42, Nikon-Ai, EOS, Alpha, Pentax-K, Yashica, Contax, Olympus OM, Minolta MD, and Canon FD. The lenses do not have electronic contacts, and the camera barrel is common, with only the mount part being interchangeable. The aperture is a real aperture and manual focus is used.
The lens is a 5-group, 6-element Gaussian-type lens with an aspherical lens on the leading edge.
Two types of bayonet hoods are available: a cylindrical hood (LH-40S, second photo above) and a hemispherical hood with a hollowed-out square shape (LH-40D).

Focal length(mm)40
Max aperture2
Min aperture16
Leaf blade9
Lens Construction6elements in 5groups
Min distance(m)0.4
Lens length(mm)29.5Distance from Nikon F mount surface
Max diameter(mm)63.5
Filter Size(mm)52
Release dateYear 2002
Price(Yen/No-tax)Yen 45,000

The following is a list of early COSINA / Voigtlander brand lenses for SLR cameras. Two lenses, 15mm and 12mm, are excluded from the table below because they are special lenses that are used with the mirror up.

ItemsULTRONCOLOR HELIARApo-lantharMacro Apo-lantharApo-lanthar
Focal length(mm)407590125180
Max aperture22.53.52.54
Min aperture22
Leaf blade9
Lens Construction5群6枚9群11枚7群9枚
Min distance(m)
Lens length(mm)29.5(Ais)40.2(Ais)57.6(Ais)88.2(Ais)79(Ais)
Max diameter(mm)63.57665.6
Filter Size(mm)52495849
Release date2002.052000.072002.032001.062003.08

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