Review and Photo example of ELMARIT R 24 F2.8.

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  • ELMARIT-R 2.8/24 Photo example (LEICA SL TYP601 /ESO-1Ds MK III)


A 24mm wide-angle lens for the Leica R, designed by Minolta, which was produced from 1974 until the end of production, with minor changes to the font. 3-CAM, R-CAM, and ROM terminals are available.
Since this is a wide-angle lens released in 1974, the lens design feels old, with poor distortion correction and fringing.

The 24mm M type was not in the lineup until the aspherical (ASPH) type was released, but since then, three types have been released: Summilux with a bright F value and Elmar with a dark F value.
They may have thought that the 24mm R type could be covered by the zoom lens Vario-Elmar-R 21-35 ASPH., so there was no new release.
In the past, this lens was often seen on the second-hand market, but in the 2020s, it has become less common.

When I shoot this lens with my ESO-1Ds MKIII, an error 20 (Err20) occurs every time I take a photo. This is the third camera to have this error, following the ELMARIT-R 19mm and SUMMILUX-R 35mm F1.4. An error is certain to occur at infinity, and the probability of an error occurring decreases when the lens is extended beyond a shooting distance of 1m, so it is assumed that the rear end of the lens is caught by the sensor inside the EOS’s mirror box.
When an error occurs, wait for the writing to the media to finish (wait until the writing lamp turns off. If you touch the shutter button at this time, the writing will be canceled. If the battery is removed, the writing will also end midway), and the lens I found that I was able to take the next shot by unlocking it, turning it about 5 degrees, putting it back on (this will lower the mirror that had been raised), and pressing the shutter button (restart process).

LEICA Digital Module R


focal length(mm)24
Maximum aperture2.8
Minimum aperture22
Lens configuration7groups 9elements
Leaf blade6
Minimum distance(m)0.3
Lens length(mm)48.5Distance form mount frange
Lens max diameter(mm)67
Filter diameter(mm)60Or Series 8 filter mounted inside the hood
Release dateYear 1974
List price(Yen)

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