ELMARIT-R 1:2.8/19(II)

This is a record of using the SUMMILUX-M 75mm F1.4, a medium telephoto lens for the Leica M, with a digital camera.

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  • LEICA R8 +DMR(Digital module R)

A well-corrected wide-angle lens with no complaints for normal use. Even with a hood, however, backlighting sometimes produces suspicious colors, so care must be taken under the right lighting conditions. Also, peripheral fringing can be seen when the aperture is wide open.
The minimum focusing distance is 30cm, which is close enough.
When used with a DMR, the focal length is equivalent to 19 x 1.37 = 26 mm, which is just right for a wide-angle lens that is not too wide.
Overall, the lens has an austere color rendering, so a slight increase in contrast will improve the appearance of the image.

When using this lens through an optical viewfinder, I felt the difficulty of focusing that is characteristic of wide-angle lenses, perhaps due to the synergistic effect of my deteriorating eyes and the EOS viewfinder. With my previous Leica SL, the EVF’s magnification function allowed me to check the focus with certainty. In terms of reliable focusing, the EVF surpasses the optical viewfinder.
I owned an older 19mm f/2.8 Type I for a short time, but sold it because I often use the newer Type II with the same focal length due to its large size.

When I use this lens with my ESO-1Ds MKIII, Error 20 (Err20) occurs after each shot. This is the second time this error has occurred following the Summilux-R 35mm F1.4. It is possible to take a picture again by removing the lens and turning off the power, but it is troublesome to do this for each picture, so I do not use this lens with the 1Ds MKIII.

The second generation 19mm wide-angle lens for the Leica R is given a modern barrel and comes with a fine rectangular hood.
Like the Fisheye Elmarit-R 16mm, it has a rotatable filter-changing function (NDx1, Or, YG, and KB12) at the tip of the lens.
Filters cannot be attached to the lens because there is no threaded slot at the tip of the lens, nor can a series filter be placed inside the hood. The hood and hood cap are essential to protect the front of the lens.

focal length(mm)19
Maximum aperture2.8
Minimum aperture22
Lens configuration10groups 12elements
Minimum distance(m)0.3
Lens length(mm)60Distance from mount flange
Lens max diameter(mm)71
Filter diameter(mm)Could not use.
ELMARIT-R 19mm F2.8 lens Specification PDF

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