SONNAR 210 for CONTAX 645

Review of using the SONNAR 210mm(Kyocera/CONTAX) with a Leica S digital camera.

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Gallery / Photo example from LEICA S Typ007

When used with a slender telephoto lens, the Leica S (0.8x 35mm version), the 35mm equivalent is 170mm; with the original Contax 645, the equivalent is 126mm with a factor of 0.6x.
With a modest aperture value of f/4, the lens can be confirmed to have sufficient resolution from the widest aperture setting. The front and rear bokeh is also beautiful without being habitual.
One of the features of this lens is its short minimum focus distance. The minimum focus distance of 1.4m is comparable to the Sonnar 140mm (1.3m), which is one focal length lower in the CONTAX 645 lens line, and together with the focal length of 210mm, it allows you to get very close to the subject.
AF speed is on par with other lenses, but focusing accuracy is not as good, and if you are close or the contrast of the subject is low, you may have to go back and forth past the focus position, making it less stressful to use interruptive MF or use MF from the start.

Compared to the HC210mm with the same focal length, the SONNAR210mm is about 10% smaller and lighter in outer diameter and weight, but as you can see in the comparison photo, the SONNAR210mm has a longer lens length than the HC210mm.
The HC210mm seems larger in diameter and heavier due to the inclusion of the shutter unit.
The SONNAR210mm weighs 2.7kg when combined with the LEICA S Typ007 lens and adapter, and the LEICA S adapter-C can be used with a teleconverter and Mutar T* III 1.4x, but with the Mutar attached, the weight exceeds 3kg (+510g). The weight of the LEICA S adapter-C is +510g, which is more than 3kg.
With Mutar, the focal length is 294mm (35mm equivalent 235mm) with a maximum aperture of 5.6.
The price of used lenses has fallen dramatically, and if you are looking for a telephoto lens with good performance, it is possible to get one at a reasonable price, even with a mount adapter included.
Also, using the mount adapter with focal reducer (x0.7) for Sony E, it is possible to enjoy an angle of view close to the original angle of view with a 35mm sensor.


CONTAX 645 mount lens with a focal length of 210mm.
The lens construction is 7 elements in 4 groups, which seems simpler than the 9 elements in 6 groups of the Hasselblad HC210.
The motor is an ultrasonic motor.
A dedicated lens hood (GB-74) is available.

Focal length(mm)210211.1
Max. aperture44
Min. aperture4545
Lens Construction7elements in 4group10elements in 6group
Min. distance(m)1.41.8
Lens length(mm)177Distance from mount flange168
Max. diameter(mm)8186
Filter Size(mm)7277
Release year1999 laterIt is not known if it will be released at the same time as the body.
Price(Japanese Yen)¥250,000-2023 Used prices range from ¥30,000 to2023 Used prices range from ¥100,000 to

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