This is a record of using the HASSELBLAD HC 50mm F3.5 (Type 2) with the X2D and X1D / X1DII (I think it can be applied to the 907X).

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Photo from X2D

Photo from X1D / X1DII

This was the fourth HC/HCD lens I acquired.
I knew I could use AF (autofocus) with the X H Lens Adapter* and XH CONVERTER 0.8* since I had purchased it with the orange dot.
As of November 2022, there are a few caveats regarding the use of AF with the X2D released in September 2022: AF shooting + in-body image stabilization is possible with the X H Lens Adapter, but AF shooting is possible with the XH CONVERTER 0.8, but in-body image stabilization is not available. When using the x1.7 H teleconverter, both AF shooting and in-body image stabilization are not available.

I checked the lens information on X1DII and found that the firmware was 18.0.0 and the shutter count was about 3000 times.
The AF speed is one of the fastest among other AF capable lenses, and I rarely use the lens in MF mode because the AF accuracy is fine for me.
The 50mm focal length of the X series has a different meaning from the 50mm focal length of the 35mm full-size sensor, and with two types of adapters, the focal lengths of 40mm and 32mm are available, so it is in the category of wide angle lenses.
The lens performance has been improved with the introduction of the Type II lens, and together with its improved peripheral image quality and low distortion characteristics, this lens is often taken out for street snapshots and other landscape photography, and is frequently used for short trips and walks. It would be nice if it were a little lighter and more compact, but since it is an HC lens, that cannot be helped.
In particular, since I started using the HC 50-110 zoom lens, the focal length and maximum aperture F value of this lens and the HC 50-110 are identical, and considering the convenience in the field, the HC 50-110 zoom lens is used more frequently. If the aperture F value was improved to 2-2.5, the lens barrel was made smaller, the weight was reduced, and the minimum focusing distance was shortened to 0.35m, I think this lens would have become a must-buy and the best lens.

The weight of the lens alone is 1kg, and adding the converter (175g or 430g) and camera (766g) results in a weight of 2 to 2.2kg, making the X1D-II with HC lens a relatively easy camera to carry (easier than with the HCD35-90mm attached, which weighs over 2.6kg by comparison).

The lens construction is retrofocus with 11 elements in 7 groups, and when held in the hand, it feels chunky and massive, contrary to the impression one gets from the compact housing (the HC50mm is heavier than the HC100mm).
Backlight resistance requires caution when the sun is within the angle of view, as it can cause contrast loss depending on the angle, and while a hood is desirable outdoors, hoods are large and bulky, so the lens is often used without a hood.

The X1D/X1DII (907X) can also be used with the x1.7 telecon, and when used with the x1.7 telecon via the X H Lens Adapter*, it can be used as a medium telephoto lens with a focal length of 69.5mm and maximum aperture of f/6.3.
Close-up photography is also possible using three different EXTENSION TUBES H (13mm/26mm/52mm).

The shortest focusing distance of 0.6m is the most disappointing point, and it would be more useful if the lens could get as close as 0.4m on its own.
When using the “Hasselblad Macro Converter for H Lenses,” which is optimized for the HC50mm-2 model, the minimum focusing distance becomes 0.4m, but the maximum focusing distance is limited to 0.6m, so the product is positioned as a high-performance extension tube.
If you can use the HC 50mm with a focusing range of 0.4m to infinity by attaching this converter, do not hesitate to purchase it.

Hasselblad Macro Converter for H Lenses

The HC 3.5/50-2 is a 50mm focal length lens for HASSELBLAD H series cameras.
The HC series covers a sensor size of 40 × 53.4 mm when used with the HxD medium-format camera, which has a focal length of about 34 mm.
The X1D/X1DII (907X) can use this lens via the X H Lens Adapter or XH CONVERTER 0.8. When using the X H Lens Adapter, the focal length is approximately 40mm.
When using the XH CONVERTER 0.8*, the focal length will be 32mm.

focal length(mm)50
Maximum aperture3.5
Minimum aperture32
Lens configuration7groups 11elements
Minimum distance(m)0.6
Lens length(mm)85
Lens max diameter(mm)77
Filter diameter(mm)77

Hasselblad Macro Converter for H Lenses data sheet.

Accessory compatibility

  • Converter H 1.7x (x1.7 teleconverter) can be used.
  • Extension-Tube-H (H13/H26/H52) can be used.
  • HTS 1,5 TILT AND SHIFT ADAPTER can be used.
  • Image circle covers up to medium format film size.

AF support
For the orange dot lens, AF is available on the X1D/X1DII (907X), but it only works with the latest firmware 19.1.0, so if you have 18.0.0, you need to update the firmware. In fact, when I purchased the camera, the firmware was 18.0.0, so the AF did not work when I tried it. After purchasing the camera, I updated the firmware and was able to get the AF to work.
If you have firmware 17.0.0 or earlier, you cannot update the firmware because the firmware area is not enough for 19.1.0.
The AF speed when used with the X1D/X1DII (and probably the same with the 907X) is not quite as fast as that of a professional SLR, but if you choose a high contrast area, the camera will focus without hesitation, which is easier to use than fast but confusing AF, and is sufficient for my needs.

About FUJINON lenes(HC 50mm)
The HC50mm Type 2 should have been renewed along with the orange dot lens with an improved shutter unit, so the FUJI film brand (SUPER EBC FUJINON) should not exist (the author has never seen it).
The HC50mm Type 1 is distributed under the FUJI film brand (SUPER EBC FUJINON) and the HASSELBLAD brand. The FUJI film brand does not support AF, and the HASSELBLAD brand depends on the firmware as described in the “AF Support” section.

FUJINON brand HC lenses are not supported by HASSELBLAD and are no longer supported by FUJI FILM, so they cannot be repaired in case of failure. The following is an example.
FUJI brand HC lenses are sold at low prices, but care should be taken when purchasing them.

Since HC lenses are manufactured by FUJIFILM, the FUJIFILM GFX series, which has the same sensor size as the X1D, X1DII, and 907X, also offers a mount adapter (H MOUNT ADAPTER G). This one is exclusively for MF (manual focus), but it can use the lens shutter as well as the mechanical shutter on the camera side.



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