Review and photo examples of HASSELBLAD XCD28mm F4P

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XCD 4/28P is a compact 28mm focal length wide-angle lens released by Hasselblad in September 2023 for X series cameras.
The lens is the smallest and lightest among the X-mount lenses used in the X1D/X1DII/X907 (it is smaller and lighter than the XCD 45P). The new price is around 280,000 yen, which is in the cheap category for a lens equipped with the same 1/4000 lens shutter as other XCD lenses.
This is the fourth XCD lens I have purchased, and I pre-ordered and purchased the long-awaited compact P type 28mm lens as soon as it was announced.

The lens has a clean design with only a focus ring, and has a simple appearance without the V mark like expensive XCD lenses.
The aperture is controlled from the camera side, and the autofocus (AF) speed is faster than the XCD 45P, and the focus accuracy is largely dependent on the camera, but as long as you use it with the X2D, there are almost no complaints. The shutter sound is lower than that of the 45P and is almost silent for outdoor use.
This lens was not designed to be used with film at all, so the distortion of the lens itself is about -2%.
Problems such as distortion and insufficient peripheral light are digitally corrected during Phocus development.
The images output via the Phocus development software have a consistent blur and a three-dimensional effect, making me feel that this is a very well-made lens. The backlight resistance is also quite good, and there is no major deterioration in the depiction even without a hood.

Compared to the HCD 28mm F4 lens with the same specifications, the length is 1/3, the weight is 1/4, and the filter diameter is 72 mm for the XCD28 and 95 mm for the HCD28 and 26 mm, making the XCD28 significantly.
It can be used as a practical snap shooter in combination with the X2D.
HCD28mm can be used as a 22.4mm/F2.8 lens when used in combination with X2D and x-h converter 0.8, and it has excellent optical correction, so I am considering using it with LEICA S.
I’m using it on the X2D, but I think it has a similar usability on the X1D, X1DII, and X907.

X2D with XCD 28P


ItemsXCD 28PHCD28mm
Focal length(mm)2828.9
Max aperture44
Min aperture3232
Lens Construction9 elements in 8 groups
2 aspherical lenses
1 anomalous dispersion (ED) lens
12 elements in 9 groups
Min distance(m)0.220.35
Lens length(mm)43.5102+48
Max diameter(mm)75100
Filter Size(mm)7295
Release date2023/9/42018/07/18
XCD 4/28P lens Specification PDF

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