SIGMA DP2 / DP2s / DP2x

This was recorded using SIGMA DP2/DP2s/DP2x digital cameras.



This compact digital camera has the same sensor as the SD14/SD15.
The unbranded DP2 was a comfortable camera compared to the unbranded DP1, but that was only compared to the DP1.
Even with TrueII on board, it has not broken away from being a laid-back camera.
I passed on the DP2s and got the DP2x, but the DP2 series has always used the TrueII image processing chip, and there have been no major processing speed improvements or functional upgrades, only minor brush-ups such as changes to the rear buttons.
Compared to this, the DP2 Merrill was still a better camera.

A digital camera with a second-generation Foveon sensor.
The only difference between the DP1 and DP2 was the lens, with the DP1 carrying a 16.6mm lens and the DP2 a 24.2mm lens.
As an exclusive option, the AML-1 close-up lens was released; the AML-1 is a 46mm-diameter threaded type and cannot be directly attached to the DP2 series, which has no threading on the lens barrel; instead, it is attached to the camera with the HA-11 hood and screwed onto the end of the hood.
The close-up lens can be removed by removing the hood, so it may be called a bayonet type.

Camera nameDP2DP2sDP2x
Effective PixelsEffective pixels: Approx. 14.06 million pixels (2,652 x 1,768 x 3 layers)
focal length24.2mm F2.8
(35mm camera equivalent: angle of view equivalent to 41mm)
Lens configration7elements 6group
Image sensorFOVEON X3®(CMOS)・20.7×13.8mm
Image processorTrue II
Back LCD2.5 inch 230,000 dots
View FinderNone
BatteryLithium-ion battery (BP-31)
Size(mm)W x H x D 113.3mm × 59.5mm × 56.1mm
Weight(g)260g (No battery、Memorycard)
Release dateApril 24, 2009March 27, 2010May 27, 2011
Price69,800 Yen(Open)70,000(Open)49,800(Open)


  • Hood:HA-11 (Link to Amazon Affiliate Link)
  • Close-up lens: AML-1

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