Review and Photo example of HASSELBLAD XCD 4/45P.

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  • Photo with X2D

  • Photo with X1D / X1DII


The XCD 45P F4 lens is a compact 45mm (36mm equivalent in 35mm version) wide-angle lens.
Until the release of the XCD28P in September 2023, it was the smallest and lightest lens in the X-mount lens group.
The new price is around 130,000 yen, which is a bargain price for a lens equipped with the same 1/2000 lens shutter as other XCD lenses.

This was my third XCD lens, and I also had an XCD 3.5/45 and an XCD 4/21, but I sold the XCD 3.5/45 because it overlapped with this lens, and the XCD 4/21 was used with the HCD 24 and x0. I sold it because I was able to cover a wider area by combining 8 converters.
When using the XCD 4/45P as a set with the X1DII, the camera has a minimalist and condensed appearance, and I find it very attractive that I can carry around a mid-sensor camera with a combined weight of less than 1kg.
There is no noticeable distortion in the shooting results, and it works well even for buildings and landscapes.
The shortest shooting distance is 0.35m, allowing you to get close to the subject and take pictures, like the cat photo in the gallery.

The newly released X2D has improved AF focusing performance, perhaps due to its body. The feeling that the AF goes through the subject, which was seen with the X1D/X1DII described below, has almost disappeared.
The AF speed when used with the X1D/X1DII is not fast, and there are often cases where the focus is supposed to be on a contrasting place, but it is focused when returning after passing by once, and this behavior is caused by slow AF. That’s the main reason I feel it. I feel that if the probability of focusing is increased when the object passes by for the first time, the stress during shooting will be reduced. Also, perhaps because of my poor photography ability, when I look at the results of my shots, there are some things that are slightly out of focus, so I feel that it is always necessary to check the focus in the preview after shooting.

The XCD lens lineup has lenses with the necessary focal lengths, but the aperture doesn’t need to be as bright, so we’ve released a wider-angle 30mm lens and a telephoto 75mm lens with the same size and price as this lens. I want you to.
The 38mm/50mm/90mm released with the X2D is a relatively high-priced line, and they don’t seem to want to do cheap business. Since the current model is 21mm, I was hoping for 24-28mm, but that wasn’t available either. This may be because the HCD lens is still in use (the HC series will be discontinued in 2023).

XCD 4/45P
XCD 4/45P
X2D with XCD 45P


focal length(mm)46.245
Maximum aperture43.5
Minimum aperture223.2
Lens configuration9elements in 7groups9elements in 7groups
Minimum distance(m)0.350.4
Lens length(mm)5270
Lens max diameter(mm)8076
Filter diameter(mm)6267
Release date2020/1/312016/12/31
XCD 4/45P Lens specification PDF

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