This content is a record of the use of the HASSELBLAD XCD 4/45P with the X1D , X1DII and X2D (which we believe is also applicable to the 907X).

X2D with XCD 45P

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Photo with a X2D

Photo with a X1D / X1DII

This is the third XCD lens that I introduced.
I also had an XCD 3.5/45 and an XCD 4/21, but I sold them both.
The XCD 3.5/45 has the same focal length as this lens.
The XCD 4/21 was able to cover a wider angle with the combination of the HCD 24 and the x0.8 converter.

When using the XCD 4/45P as a set with the X1DII, the camera has a good minimalist and condensed appearance, and I find the ability to carry a mid-range sensor camera with a combined weight of less than 1kg to be very attractive.
There is no distortion to worry about in the shooting results, and the camera works well with buildings and landscapes.
The minimum focus distance is 0.35m, which allows you to get close to the subject, like in the photo of the cat in the gallery.

The newly released X2D has a better AF focusing performance, probably due to the body, and the feeling of missing focus seen in the X1D/X1DII is almost gone.
The AF speed when used with the X1D/X1DII is not fast, and there are often cases where the camera would focus on a contrasty area, but then focus on the return after passing by once, and this behavior is the main reason why the AF feels slow. This behavior is the main reason why I feel that the AF is slow. I feel that if the probability of the camera focusing on the first pass by is increased, it will be easier for me to get a better shot. Also, perhaps because of my own poor shooting skills, some of my shots were slightly out of focus, and I felt it was always necessary to check the focus in the preview after shooting.

The XCD lens lineup has the necessary focal length lenses, but the aperture does not have to be bright, so I would like to see them release a wider angle 30mm lens and a telephoto 75mm lens in a similar size and price to this lens.
The 38mm/50mm/90mm lenses released with the X2D are relatively high-priced lenses, and they do not seem to be willing to do business on the cheap.
I was hoping for 24-28mm since 21mm is currently available, but that was not there either. This may be due to the fact that HCD lenses are still in use.

This lens is the smallest and lightest of the X-mount lens group used in the X1D/X1DII/X907.
It is also priced at about $1100 new, a bargain price for a lens with the same 1/2000 lens shutter as the other XCD lenses.

focal length(mm)46.2
Maximum aperture4
Minimum aperture22
Lens configuration7groups 9elements
Minimum distance(m)0.35
Lens length(mm)52
Lens max diameter(mm)80
Filter diameter(mm)62
XCD 4/45P Lens specification PDF

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XCD 4/45P official web site



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