Review and Photo example of HASSELBLAD XCD 45mm F3.5.

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The XCD 45mm F3.5 is the first lens released among the X mount lenses used in the X1D/X1DII/X907. This is the lens that came with the camera I purchased, Hasselblad X1D 4116 edition, and is my first Hasselblad lens. I had a strange feeling when I heard the unique sound of the lens shutter.
When I’m shooting outside, I sometimes get asked about the shutter sound.

Until the release of the XCD 45mm F4P, it was a bundled lens for the X1D/X1DII.
Like other XCD lenses, it is equipped with a 1/2000 lens shutter.
The focal length when shooting is 45mm x 0.8 in 35mm version, making it a 36mm equivalent lens.
The lens construction is 9 elements in 7 groups, which is luxurious for a standard lens, and following the trend of the 2000s, it uses a concave lens at the front. Perhaps because there is enough space in the housing, it is made with only spherical lenses without any aspherical lenses.
It is manufactured in Japan, and although the manufacturer has not been disclosed, it is said to be manufactured by Nitto Optical.

The shutter sound is louder than the XCD 21mm F4 and XCD 45mm F4P that I purchased later, probably because the shutter unit is an early model. Still, the sound is modest compared to the 1/2000 shutter sound of H series lenses with larger shutter blades. Generally speaking, it seems that the smaller things become, the quieter they become.

Shutter sound volume

HC Lens >XCD 45mm F3.5 >XCD 45mm F4P

Compared to the parfocal length XCD 45mm F4P, the focal length is slightly shorter (1.2mm) and it is half a step brighter, but the minimum focusing distance is 5cm longer, the overall length is 1.8cm longer, and the weight is 100g heavier. The parts that it loses to are noticeable, making it a delicate position as a lens. After the release of the XCD 45mm F4P, it seems that the stock was sold and it faded out.

If the image quality of the XCD 45mm F4P is overwhelming, then there is value in its existence, but this lens also has some distortion with the XCD 45mm F4P alone, but when you use Phocus, it is all corrected and there is no problem. Therefore, I feel that there is little point in comparing the two.

Although the original price is high, the used price is close to that of the XCD 45mm F4P, so it can be said that it has excellent cost performance, but when considering portability and shutter noise, I would choose the XCD 45mm F4P. , this one has been sold.


focal length(mm)45
Maximum aperture3.5
Minimum aperture32
Lens configuration7groups 9elements
Minimum distance(m)0.4
Lens length(mm)70from camera lens mount flange
Lens max diameter(mm)76
Filter diameter(mm)67
XCD 3.5/45 lens specification

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