Review and Photo example of the X2D 100C.

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X2D 100C is a mirrorless digital camera equipped with a 100 million pixel medium format sensor (44×33) released by Hasselblad in September 2022.
Since the camera is not equipped with a shutter mechanism, it has an extremely compact body. The mechanical shutter mechanism is equipped on the lens side.

The previous model, X1DII 50C, was released in July 2019, and the successor model was released three years later. I got it on the day it was released and am using it with Hasselblad HC lenses, Hasselblad XCD lenses, and other Leica R and Leica M lenses via mount adapters.

X2D camera firmware 3.1.0 was released on December 1, 2023, with changes such as minor bug fixes, addition of face detection, addition of HEIF format, flash-related improvements, and improved operation via Phocus.


My personal preferences for X2D are as follows.

  • Increased to 100 million pixels
  • Diopter adjustment of EVF is now software-based
  • The LCD now moves up and down.
  • Sub-LCD attached.
  • Battery (IS16046/IEC62133) is the same as before.
  • For HC lenses for which firmware 19.1 (orange dot is certain) can be applied to the lens from X2D camera firmware 2.0.0, IBIS will work with both XH-Adapter and XH-Converter 0.8.
  • Starting with X2D camera firmware 3.1.0, IBIS can be used with HC lenses with older firmware.

Features to be improved

  • There are several HC lenses for which IBIS does not work.
  • In the HC80mm firmware version 10.0.0, where IBIS worked with firmware 1.1.0, IBIS no longer works with firmware 2.0.5.
  • IBIS does not work with many lenses when using XH-Converter0.8.
  • IBIS does not work with many lenses when using 1.7x teleconverter.
  • Tested with X2D camera firmware 2.0.5 + orange dot HC300/F4.5, AF works correctly, but IBIS does not work.
  • Tested with HC300/F4.5 with X2D camera firmware 3.1.0 + orange dot, AF focusing speed seems to be faster compared to 2.0.5. However, IBIS does not work.
  • Release cord X does not work (I expect a USB-C conversion cable will be available soon).

Where I don’t care too much.

  • No focus peaking (because I have been using image magnification to check focus since X1D).
  • Focus peaking function has been added to X2D since camera firmware 2.0.0 for manual focus, but it does not function during AF operation
    IBIS no longer works with HC80mm firmware version 10.0.0, where IBIS worked with firmware 1.1.0..
  • Crop function has been added since X2D camera firmware 2.0.0.
  • Movie recording is no longer available.

Internal memory and PC transfer rate

Since it was discussed in the HASSELBLAD Digital FORUM, I measured it myself and found that the transfer rate from the internal memory to the PC varies a lot depending on the USB cable. X2D has the ability to transfer signals using the USB 3.0 or later standard. At the highest transfer rate, 600 MB/s was recorded.

Cheap USB3 Shape Compatible Cable
Cable included with BATTERY CHARGING HUB FOR X


項目X2D 100CX1DII 50CX1D 50C/4116edition
Camera Effective Pixels100 megapixels
11656 × 8742 Pixels
50 megapixels
8272 × 6200 Pixels
Sensor size43.8 × 32.9mm
Lens mountHasselblad X mount
Image sensorBSI type (backside illuminated) CMOSCMOS
Focus typePD (phase difference) AF & CD (contrast) AFCD (contrast) AF
EVFLCD viewfinder / approx. 5.76 million pixelsOrganic EL viewfinder / approx. 3.96 million pixelsLCD viewfinder / approx. 2.36 million pixels
Back LCD3.6 inch 2.36 million pixel TFT display3.2 inch 920,000 pixel TFT display
LCD type2-stage (40°/70°) tilt typefixed
Recorded MediaBuilt-in 1TB-SSD
CFexpress type-B
SD card dual slot
BatteryRechargeable battery 3400mAh (for X system)The included battery is 3200mAh
W x H x D
148.5 × 106 × 74.5148 × 97 × 70
Only body


  • Hasselblad Rechargeable Battery 3400mAh (for X system)
  • XV Lens Adapter
  • XH Lens Adapter
  • XH Lens Converter 0.8
  • Release Cord for X1D Release Cord X
  • Tripod Mounting Ring (75mm)


Focal length35mm equivalent focal lengthLens nameMax apertureNote
120mm96mmXCD120 macro3.52017.12.10end
230mm184mmXCD135 x1.74.52019.2.27now

Reference link

Update history

  • 2024.03.05
  • 2023.12.03

Firmware 3.1.0 released / Phocus 3.7.6
IBIS of HC300 + H teleconverter x1.7 is not improved.
Besides, IBIS does not work with 150mm and 210mm and H teleconverter x1.7.
The HC35/HC80/HC150/HC210/HC50-110 with older firmware (non-orange dot) has been improved so that IBIS works with both xhadapter and xhconverter 0.8.
HC80 has returned to the same functionality as the previous firmware (1.0.5/1.1.0) of X2D.

XCD28P released

Firmware 2.0.1 released
Minor changes, no improvement on the following functions.
HC300+H teleconverter x1.7 operation not improved.
HC35/HC80/HC150/HC210 with older firmware (non-orange dot), IBIS does not work with both xhadapter and xhconverter 0.8. HC80 had IBIS working with older firmware (1.0.5/1.1.0) of X2D, so older It is assumed that they have changed the firmware so that IBIS does not function with lenses on the firmware.
The above has been communicated to support and will be improved in the future.

Firmwear 2.0.0 Release
Now updates related to IBIS in XH-CONVERTER-0.8.
HC300mm+H-Converter-1.7 operation is also not improved.
AF operation of HCD35-90mm is improved.
The HC35/HC80/HC150/HC210 with older firmware (non-orange dot) do not have IBIS functioning with both xhadapter and xhconverter 0.8. The HC80 had IBIS functioning with the older firmware (1.0.5/1.1.0) of X2D, so the older It is assumed that they changed the firmware so that IBIS does not function with the lenses on the older firmware.
According to Hasselbladdigitalforum, the HC80mm with firmware 17.0.0 has a functioning IBIS.
Firmware 17.0.0 is the latest firmware that does not work AF with non-orange dots.
Firmware 18.0.0 or later can be updated to the latest 19.1.0.

Firmwear 1.1.0 Release
It seems that Phocus Mobile 2.0 is just an improvement in operation.

Firmwear 1.0.5 Release
Some lens-related firmware updates.
No updates related to IBIS in XH-CONVERTER-0.8.
HC300mm+H-Converter-1.7 operation is also not improved.
AF operation of HCD35-90mm is also not improved.

42 shots taken with the Planar 2.8/80-6elements with XV-Adapter.
The response of the electronic shutter feels improved over the X1DII.

22 shots taken with the NOVOFLEX LEICA-R mount adapter and SUMMICRON-R 2/35 2nd generation
This lens has a smaller image circle than the Summicron-R 50mm, which results in more vignetting at the corners.

18 shots were taken with the NOVOFLEX LEICA-R mount adapter and the SUMMICRON-R 2/50 2nd generation.
This lens has a wide image circle with little vignetting in the corners.

34 shots were taken with the HC150mm +XH-Adapter +H26 extension Tube.
It is like taking one 36-shot film per day.
Amazon time sale, SABRENT CFexpress Type-B 1TB *1 is as low as 34399 yen.
1TB memory feels like an era. 1TB SSD is around 20,000 yen, so I hope the price will go down more.

32 shots were taken with the HC210mm/HC100mm +XH-Adapter +H26 extension Tube.

108 shots were taken with the HC35mm +XH-Converter0.8.

6 shots were taken with the HC80mm +XH-Adapter.

15 shots were taken with the HC80mm +XH-Adapter.

14 shots were taken with the HC80mm +XH-Adapter.
Phocus 3.7 has been released; the Phocus logo has been changed from ● to ■.
The matter reported to Hasselblad Japan will be reported to the home country after verification in Japan.

148 shots were taken with the HC50-110mm Zoom +XH-Converter0.8.
Since it is an old lens, it can only be used in MF. When I asked them to replace the shutter unit to make it AF, they said it would cost 300,000-400,000 yen to send it to Sweden. It is a little sad that IBIS is not available as per the test.
This lens seems to stand out a lot and people talk to me when I have it.

66 shots were taken with the HC50mm-II +XH-Converter0.8.

I found that IBIS (In Body Image Stabilizer) does not work with this combination.
The shutter will not release unless the IBIS switch is manually turned off.
It is good that some lenses do not function with IBIS, but it is somewhat troublesome to manually turn off the function.
In X1DII, there was no problem without IBIS, so I can accept the fact that some lenses do not function, but I hope that IBIS will be supported in future firmware updates, as it is a great help on the telephoto side.
Especially for x1.7 teleconverter, all lenses except for the HC100mm were wiped out.
Below is a list of lenses I have on hand that I have verified for IBIS.
○ indicates that the lens can be used (in the case of the orange dot, AF is also possible), and × indicates that IBIS is not supported. Unable to mount means that it cannot be physically mounted.

73 shots were taken with the HC120mm Macro +XH-Adapter.
I feel the benefit of in-body image stabilization for indoor and macro photography.
After all, the improved camera response is very pleasing as a tool; I have been using cameras with poor response such as the SIGMA SD series and LEICA DMR/M8, so the X1DII was acceptable, but the X2D is very nice to be able to use HC lenses at a fast pace.

20 shots were taken with the HC100mm +XH-Adapter.
The XH-Adapter is only a tube, so it is lightweight, and the 35mm equivalent is 80mm.
I received an email from Hasselblad that Phocus 3.7, which was supposed to be released at the same time, has been postponed.

Day 4@2022.9.15
20 shots were taken with the HC80mm +XH-Converter0.8.
Considering CFexpress card and card reader.
AngelBird 512GB at Yodobashi Camera is inexpensive.

19 shots were taken with the HC80mm +XH-Converter0.8.
I would like to set the image scale up button to the AF-D button, but it doesn’t seem to be possible.
Diopter adjustment of EVF (default is good)
When you are processing images, 11656 pixels on the raw long side is vast.

17 shots were taken with the XCD-45P attached.
The recording media is CFexpress, but since there is a built-in 1TB memory, I plan to use that for the time being.
The LCD, which is working immediately, is useful for cat photography.
I am glad that the diopter adjustment dial has been removed. With the X1DII, it was sometimes changed unexpectedly, which sometimes resulted in a blurry EVF display.
The camera settings have not been tweaked at all and I will be customizing them in the future.
What we would like to do
Check the magnification button when using MF lenses
EVF diopter adjustment (default is not bad)

I just got it on 2022.9.12. I have only taken a short walk with XCD-45P attached, but I will note my first impressions.
I traded in 4 assets I had on hand to acquire it. I was told that the initial shipment was small, so I decided immediately.

I opened the box and checked the startup only.
The startup time was noticeably faster than that of the X1DII, and it was finally as fast as that of a normal digital camera.
It is like X1D (5 seconds), X1DII (3 seconds), and X2D (1 second) in terms of sensation, but it still feels as if you have to wait one beat.
The strap attachment has changed from a ring type to a sliding Hasselblad type.
The battery is the same as before, and it is very nice that the X1DII’s battery can be used.

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