Hasselblad X1D 50C / 4116 edition

Review and Photo example of the X1D 50C and X1D 50C 4116 edition.

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The X1D-50C /4116 edition is a mirrorless digital camera equipped with a medium format sensor (44×33).
Since the camera is not equipped with a shutter mechanism, it has an extremely compact body.
The mechanical shutter mechanism is equipped on the lens side.
From firmware 1.17.2 released in 2017, small improvements were made until the release of X1DII, such as the ability to use a sensor shutter.
The author understands that the only difference between the X1D-50C and 4116 edition is the body color.

My impressions after using the X1D-50C /4116 edition are that it starts up slowly and if you turn it off, you have to wait about 5 seconds from when the power is turned on until you can shoot, making it difficult to capture the moment.
If you leave the power on and wake up from sleep, the camera body gets hot, so you can’t leave it on, and it’s quite annoying to use this camera on a regular basis. I also experienced the camera overheating during the hot season.
Since the XCD system does not have a telephoto lens, I attached a Hasselblad H HC300mm F4.5 with an H x1.7 teleconverter and used a lens with a total focal length of 510mm to take on the hawk at Shirakaba Pass.
However, due to a faulty electrical contact between the camera and lens, the camera could not be used properly as the lens would reset when raised when photographing a hawk.
When I asked Hasselblad to investigate the cause of this defect, they told me that it was a problem with the lens and a defective electrical contact on the mount of the X1D 4116 edition, so I paid a considerable amount of money to have the camera repaired. However, after a while I replaced it with the X1DII.
The X1D is a detour, but I was able to get a better feel for the X1DII by using it, so I don’t think it was a bad experience.

The sensor size of the Hasselblad X series is 44x33mm, which is larger than the 35mm full-frame sensor, so the actual focal length that can be photographed changes as follows.
When using the XH lens adapter with the dedicated XCD lens and Hasselblad H lens, the focal length will be 0.8 times the 35mm focal length.
When using a Hasselblad H lens, if you use the XH converter x0.8, the converter will increase the 35mm focal length by 0.8 times, and will also add 0.8 times the sensor size, resulting in a total focal length of 0.64 times. This allows you to obtain a focal length that is approximately the size of medium format film. However, because the Hasselblad HCD lens has a small image circle, vignetting occurs at the periphery of the image.

The X1D is a mirrorless camera with a short flange back (the distance from the mount surface where the lens and body connect to the imaging surface), so you can attach a variety of lenses using a mount adapter. However, as mentioned above, there is no mechanical shutter on the camera side, and if the lens does not have a lens shutter mechanism, the camera’s sensor shutter will be used to take pictures.
The X1D’s sensor shutter does not have measures to reduce rolling shutter distortion like recent mirrorless cameras, so if the subject is moving at high speed, such as a train or animal, you will need a medium to prevent subject blur.
Also, while the camera is processing the image, care must be taken to avoid shaking the captured image due to movement of the camera.
This phenomenon is not related to the shutter speed, and care must be taken because moving the camera during image transfer processing will distort the photographic results. Even when shooting at a fast shutter speed, you need to take a breath before taking the next shot.

The X1D 4116 edition was the first Hasselblad body I purchased, and I chose the X1D 4116 edition for the following reasons. Once the X1DII was released and the used X1D price dropped, I found a set of the XCD 45mm lens and X1D 4116 edition body for about the same price as the X1D body alone.
I thought the coloring of the 4116 edition I got was really cool.
I was lonely with just one body and lens, so I bought the XCD21mm and used it, but sold it when I got the HCD24mm. The XCD45mm that came with the body was sold when I purchased the XCD45mmP, and the only remaining XCD lenses I have are the XCD28mmP and XCD45mmP. I usually use Hasselblad H lenses.

I realized that the latest version of a digital product that is still evolving is better, so I decided to buy the X2D right after it was released.
I feel that there has been a steady evolution through the three generations. Still, the X2D has an average camera response, so I think it’s a relaxed system functionally.


X1D 4116 edition +XCD 45mm /F3.5
X1D +XCD 45mm /F4 -P
項目X2D 100CX1DII 50CX1D 50C/4116edition
Camera Effective Pixels100 megapixels
11656 × 8742 Pixels
50 megapixels
8272 × 6200 Pixels
Sensor size43.8 × 32.9mm
Lens mountHasselblad X mount
Image sensorBSI type (backside illuminated) CMOSCMOS
Focus typePD (phase difference) AF & CD (contrast) AFCD (contrast) AF
EVFLCD viewfinder / approx. 5.76 million pixelsOrganic EL viewfinder / approx. 3.96 million pixelsLCD viewfinder / approx. 2.36 million pixels
Back LCD3.6 inch 2.36 million pixel TFT display3.2 inch 920,000 pixel TFT display
LCD type2-stage (40°/70°) tilt typefixed
Recorded MediaBuilt-in 1TB-SSD
CFexpress type-B
SD card dual slot
BatteryRechargeable battery 3400mAh (for X system)The included battery is 3200mAh
W x H x D
148.5 × 106 × 74.5148 × 97 × 70
Only body


  • Hasselblad Rechargeable Battery 3400mAh (for X system)
  • XV Lens Adapter
  • XH Lens Adapter
  • XH Lens Converter 0.8
  • Release Cord for X1D Release Cord X
  • Tripod Mounting Ring (75mm)


Focal length35mm equivalent focal lengthLens nameMax apertureNote
120mm96mmXCD120 macro3.52017.12.10end
230mm184mmXCD135 x1.74.52019.2.27now

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