This is a record of playing with M-mount lenses on a Konica HEXAR-RF /Limited film camera.


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This camera is an M-mount compatible film camera that I found when I did not have enough money to buy a Leica M body for film cameras at that time.
We used both the standard black body and the limited edition titanium-colored body that came with the 50mm/F1.2, and found no difference in feel or functionality between the two.
Before this camera, I had used MINOLTA CLE, Rollei-RF (same as Bessa-R2), and CONTAX G1/G2, but HEXAR-RF was easier to use with lenses with a focal length of 50mm or less because of its viewfinder display and automatic winding function.
The Zeiss Ikon (COSINA / released in 2005) with its long baseline length and large magnification is superior in terms of viewfinder readability and accuracy.

The HEXAR-RF has a viewfinder with a magnification of 0.6x,.
So there were concerns about focusing accuracy when using a large aperture lens with a focal length of 75mm/90mm.
Unlike digital cameras, film cameras could only take a limited number of pictures, so lenses with a focal length of more than 50 mm were rarely used.

All lenses were purchased and used except the 21-35Dual. All of the lenses were solid, but not unique, lenses that fit the term “solid and sturdy.
The 21-35Dual is a bifocal lens, but it is not optimized for image quality at each focal length, and it is a lens that only uses both ends of a 1.5x zoom lens, and I did not purchase it because of its high distortion.

From 2000 to 2010, we sometimes saw it priced close to $1000, but in the 2020s, we see used prices above the list price, probably due to the small number of lenses in circulation.


FinderReal-image rangefinder type reverse Galilean perspective finder
Finder magnificationx 0.6
base length(mm)69.2
ShutterElectronically controlled longitudinal travel focal plane shutter
Shutter speed1/4000〜16sec (auto mode)
1/4000〜1sec (manual mode)
Stepless speed change in auto mode
Bulb mode available for manual mode
PhotometryShutter curtain surface, TTL direct metering
BatteryCR2-3V (2)
Size (mm)W x H x 奥行 139.5 × 80 × 35Excluding protruding parts
Weight(g)560Only body


focal lengthLens nameReleaseTechnical Report
28mmM-HEXANON f28 / F2.8Year 199928/50/90mm-PDF
50mmM-HEXANON f50 / F2Year 199928/50/90mm-PDF
90mmM-HEXANON f90 / F2.8Year 199928/50/90mm-PDF
35mmM-HEXANON f35 / F2Year 200035mm-PDF
50mmM-HEXANON f50 / F1.2Year 200150mm/F1.2-PDF
21-35mmM-HEXANON f21-35 / F3.4-4Year 200221-35mm-PDF


  • Electric Flash (HX-18W)
  • leather case

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