This is a record of using the LEICA compact digital camera C-LUX3.


I bought a used first generation C-Lux. Although it came in a very tired, genuine box, the camera seemed to have been handled with great care and was a beautiful item with not many noticeable scratches.
The lens was a 28mm wide-angle lens, a typical focal length for a compact camera at the time, and a telephoto lens of 102mm, a 3x zoom range from wide-angle to telephoto, also a typical specification.
The C-LUX1 was released in black and silver, with the black being a glossy black color that did not change until the C-LUX3, and the silver being a matte silver color with a calming effect. The matte silver is used in the C-LUX1 and C-LUX2; the C-LUX3 will be available in black and white.
The 6-megapixel sensor is adequate for a slightly older compact digital camera.
The rear LCD display is overexposed, so even if the highlights seem to be blown out, the image appears to be correct in the after view. The laxity of the LCD display on the back of the camera makes me feel the age of the camera.
ISO 100 is hard to use in dark places, and the camera’s MEGA OIS image stabilization function seems to be ineffective at the beginning of its life.

In 2023, the Introduction to the mail order situation in Japan
This is not about the C-LUX1, but my concern about the way it is being marketed in Japan.
As a complete aside, I purchased this camera on Amazon.com, but the same product is being sold on YahooShopping for several thousand yen over the amazon price by various vendors, and some of the worst ones are copying the photos of the vendors on amazon. When I watched what happened to the sales page after I purchased the item, the price slid to the price of another vendor’s item on Amazon, which was several thousand yen higher, plus several thousand yen, as promised, and the introduction photo was immediately replaced by another vendor. Is he waiting for a reminder with his smartphone in hand because he has to immediately buy the item on Amazon when it sells on his site?
I think that effort would be better directed elsewhere.
These vendors have canned websites, ship in 3 to 10 days, and paste pictures of their products that are either taken from the official site or taken from the vendor.
I am impressed that the vendor, whether an official or a vendor, does so well, even though they will surely lose if they are sued for copyright infringement for photo pasting.
Well, under Japanese law, even if they win in civil court, the winner will be responsible for collecting the money themselves, so they may think they will not come to collect the money, but the claim has been made, and if it is sold to a dangerous source (I think there are people who would buy the rights for 50,000 Yen if 100,000 Yen compensation is fixed), the dangerous person will definitely come to pluck it away. They would come to pluck it, but we live in an age where people have no imagination or fear of doing something dangerous.
I think this kind of act of pretending to sell products by using information on other people’s products that you do not purchase is a transient boom, but I imagine that there must be people who are teaching this as a way to make money by taking advantage of the free opening fee of Yahoo Shopping (in fact, it is probably the instructor who receives the fee for teaching materials who makes the money). I imagine that those who are doing it are doing it for the effort. I hope those who are doing this realize that it is not a very profitable business, considering the effort involved.
Buyers should also make sure that the sales site they are buying from is really holding the product before they buy it.

Panasonic-OEM compact digital camera.
OEM source is LUMIX DMC-FX01
Shooting distance: Normal: 50cm to ∞, Macro/Easy/Movie mode: 5cm at wide end/30cm to ∞ at tele end
ISO 100-800, ISO AUTO supported
The BP-DC4 battery is the same model number as the D-LUX1, D-LUX2, D-LUX3, and D-LUX4

Effective pixels6-Megapixels
7 elements in 6 groups (4 aspherical lens elements)
Built-in optical image stabilizer (Mega-OIS)
f=4.6 – 16.8mm/F2.8(wide end) – F5.6(tele end)
35mm equivalent:
   28 to 102mm
撮像素子1/2.5 CCD sensor
Back LCD2.5 type
Memory-cardSD CardSupports up to 2GB
BatteryBP-DC4Compatible Battery
Panasonic DMW-BCC12
Size(mm)Width x Height x Depth 94.1 ×51.1 ×24.2
Weight(g)160 (Include battery and Memory card)


  • leather case

Model history

focal length28-10228-10225-12528-20024-360
Back LCD2.
Release year20062007200820132018
Dark red

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