Rollei Planar 2.8/80 HFT

Review of using the Planar 80mm F2.8 with a digital camera.

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Planar 80mm F2.8 Photo example (with Kodak DCS-Pro/SLR n)

with Leica M8.2

The PLANR 80mm was purchased at the same time as the Rollei 35RF and SONNAR 40mm/F2.8.
When this lens was released in 2003, film was the mainstream for rangefinder cameras, and even the Summicorm 90mm and Summilux 75mm telephoto lenses with L/M mounts sold for about half the price of new ones when used, and the Rollei brand power was not enough to sell the lens. In the 2010s, I bought a new one from Yodobashi Camera in Shinjuku to get rid of the inventory.
The Rollei 35RF is a KOSINA Bessa with a new exterior, and most of the parts for the 40mm/80mm lenses were also supplied by COSINA. The “K” series is believed to have been made by the same company.
The helicoid for the Nikon-F, which is sold separately, is labeled “Made in Japan,” so it is believed to have been manufactured by Koshina.
As a side note, the Rollei 35RF is a memorable camera in that the spool broke when winding up the film.

The appearance of the camera is not very attractive, as it is a straight lens barrel with no distinctive features.

The PLANAR 80mm was a bit difficult to use in a rangefinder when the aperture was wide open because of the accuracy of focusing. I had to leave it.
The image is solid from the maximum aperture of f/2.8, and the blur in the front and rear is smooth and not unpleasant.
The overall impression is that it is a modern lens that takes good pictures, and although I used it for a short period of time, I was not surprised by the results of my shooting.

When I bought the lens, it was at the bottom of the market, and when I sold it, it sold for about twice that price, so I have relatively few regrets about giving it up.
If I had owned it, I would have liked to compare it with the Zeiss Planar 80mm on my X1D.
However, I feel that the used price is a little too aggressive if you try to get it now. I guess if rich people want it, they will buy it, but I don’t think it is worth paying such a high price for the specs and performance of the lens.

A medium telephoto lens released in 2003 together with the Rollei 35RF (COSINA-OEM) and the SONNAR 40mm F2.8.
The helicoid and the lens part are made to be separated, and in addition to the included L39 mount, a helicoid for the Nikon-F mount was released.

focal length(mm)80
Maximum aperture2.8
Minimum aperture2
Lens configuration4groups 5elements
Minimum distance(m)1.2
Lens length(mm)77.490mm(with hood)
Lens max diameter(mm)55
Filter diameter(mm)43

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