Ms-optics HIPOLION 8/19

This is a record of using a digital camera with a wide-angle lens, HIPOLION 19mm / F8 (F4 – F8 is soft focus), made by Ms-optics (Miyazaki Optical).

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Sample photos by LEICA M-P Typ240(Digital Range finder camera)

The lens is thinner than a body cap, making it suitable for snapshots. Because of its thinness, basic operations necessary to use the lens, such as changing the aperture and adjusting focus, are a bit difficult to perform. However, this is a drawback that can be compensated for by the way of shooting, since the lens can be used almost pan-focus when set to f/8.
Color blurring and image distortion on the periphery is a concern with the LEICA M TYP240, so I feel it is better to use the lens with a four thirds sensor or an APS-C.
Even in soft mode at f/4, the center of the image is well rendered, and although I would get tired of using the lens in this mode continuously, I think it is good for occasional use.
Orion 15, a famous symmetrical lens, has a focal length of 28mm f/6, while Horogon has a f/8 focal length with no aperture, and especially Orion is clearly at its maximum aperture when stopped down. This appears to be a limitation.
In contrast, Miyazaki’s approach is to use the characteristic soft rendering that can be obtained when the aperture is opened to its maximum, which I assume allows the user greater freedom in shooting. This seems to be part of the creator’s philosophy of preferring freedom over restriction.

With a lens thickness of 2.6 mm, it is Ms-optics’ thinnest lens, thanks in part to its lens format.
Gerz’s HyperGon is a famous symmetrical lens composed of two pieces of glass, and the name of this lens, “Hyporion,” is a tribute to HyperGon.

focal length(mm)19
Maximum aperture4The lens can be opened up to F4, but the image will be soft, and practical from F8.
Minimum aperture16
Lens configuration2groups2elements
Leaf blade10
Minimum distance(m)0.5Distance meter not linked
Lens length(mm)1Distance from mount frange
Lens max diameter(mm)50
Filter diameter(mm)
Release date2020.12
Official price60,000 Yen

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