MS-Optics PERAR 4/24

This is record of using the PERAR 24mm F4 (MS-Optics / Miyazaki kogaku) with a Leica M digital camera.

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PERAR 24mm F4 Photo example (with Leica M-P)

Like the rest of the PERAR series, it is a very thin lens and fits well with small cameras such as the LUMIX GM5.
What is remarkable is the excellent sharpness of the image, and it is surprising that such high image quality can be obtained with such a simple 3-element lens. You can see this in the reduced images in the gallery, for example, in the depiction of young leaves.
The lens is a three-element lens, so it is not perfectly corrected, and there is some string distortion and a slight magenta color cast depending on the angle of the light when shooting the blue sky with a full-size sensor camera with the aperture wide open.
The minimum focusing distance is 0.65m, although it is not linked to the camera’s rangefinder, and using the EVF makes it possible to shoot closer.

Compared to the Leica Elmar 24mm/F3.4, the ELMAR (without hood) is 40.6mm in length and the PERAR is 5.2mm, 1/8th the length, and the ELMAR is 260g in weight. PERAR=40g, 1/6 of a gram, which clearly shows the compactness of the lens.

Despite the compact size of the lens, there are no operability issues, and smooth focusing can be achieved by sliding the focusing lever at the bottom of the lens barrel. The aperture is located at the front of the lens barrel and can be changed by turning the hood attached there.
There is no click stop on the aperture, so the exact aperture value must be checked visually.

Ms-optics compact lenses are recommended for use with cameras with smaller sensor sizes.
In the case of this lens, it is cropped to the equivalent of 36mm on the APS-C and 48mm on the Micro Four Thirds.
Thanks to the cropping, color cast, which can be a concern with full-size sensors, is also eliminated.

MS-Optics (Miyazaki Optics) wide-angle lens, triplet type lens format.
One of the three triplet brothers (21mm/24mm/28mm), the 24mm and 21mm lenses are very thin, with a lens thickness of only 5mm.

focal length(mm)24.6
Maximum aperture4.08
Minimum aperture16
Lens configuration3elements 3groupstriplet-type
Minimum distance(m)0.65∞ to 0.8m is linked to camera rangefinder
Lens length(mm)5.212.3mm (+ hood)
Lens max diameter(mm)50.0
Filter diameter(mm)19Mounted inside hood
Weight(g)3540g (+ hood)

Comparison with other lenses

Leaf blade1010999101010
configuration3E 3G6E 4G7E 5G8E 6G10E 8G9E 7G7E 5G7E 5G
Min, Distanse
Lens Length
Filter(mm)195546Series VII463939
Comparison of specifications of 24mm focal length class M/L mount lenses

*1: Not interlocked with camera rangefinder in all areas
*2:Distance from mount surface
*3: Weight of lens only

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