MS-Optics PERAR-R 4.5/17

This is a record of using the PERAR 17mm f/4.5 (MS-Optics / Miyazaki Optics) with a Leica M digital camera.

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PERAR 17mm F4.5 Photo example (with LEICA M-P / LUMIX GM5)

Very compact wide-angle lens, with the ability to get as close as 0.3 m, allowing the photographer to surround the subject with a wide focal length.

Compared to the Leica-M 18mm/F3.4, Cosina Zeiss 18mm/F4, and LOMO ATOLL 17mm/F2.8 lenses with similar focal lengths, this lens is much more compact, although its maximum aperture is darker.
The 17mm focal length at this size is very helpful when you want to reduce the number of items in your luggage. Vignetting is acceptable and distortion is not a concern.

There is a screw on the front of the lens barrel, but the diameter of the screw is too small to find a filter that can be directly screwed in. This is a wide-angle lens, so it is assumed that the photographer did not want vignetting caused by filters, but since the front element is exposed, care should be taken when storing the camera in a bag.

Lens specification
MS-Optics (Miyazaki Kogaku) has the widest angle lens in the MS series with a focal length of 17mm.
By adopting a retro focus lens with a modest maximum aperture of 4.5, the lens is extremely lightweight and compact. This is a good example of Miyazaki’s policy of not favoring large lenses.

focal length(mm)17
Maximum aperture4.5
Minimum aperture16
Lens configuration4groups 4elements
Minimum distance(m)0.3
Lens length(mm)10.2
Lens max diameter(mm)50
Filter diameter(mm)The lens is threaded at the end to attach a dedicated hood, but it is not a common thread size.
It is recommended to remove the 34mm filter lens and attach it to the hood to protect the lens.

Reference links
Wikipedia’s description of Retrofocus Lenses



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